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4 Best Reasons to Switch to Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage services not only organize or secure documents but shares the control access which helps to retrieve documents quickly with full data security.
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Data storage is one key decision, but the bigger concern is where you are going to store that. Since from the evolution physical in-house storage, we used to follow. But, the pain of limitation and accessibility was always there. In past few years online storage technology has been explored well, and now numerous people are considering cloud storage services as their data storage alternative.

Let’s look at several aspects of storage, and see how they compare in the online storage world vs. offline options:

1. Security

Data is precious for almost every business. Even as a user, we have our highly important and need to be kept the secured category of data. In the aspects of data security, there are many considerations we need to understand before selecting the preference.

For many people, data security is important. This is obviously the case with businesses, but many individuals are concerned about protecting their data as well. In the area of security, there are a number of different considerations you need to take into account.

Offline storage systems create concern over the physical security of data. Your portable storage devices like USB Pen drives and external drives can be picked up by someone else and used. In contrast, online storage doesn’t have that issue

Online storage, are marketed and well known for their world-class security measures. Your job is just to keep your Id and password safe, rest is assured by the service provider.

2. Accessibility

This is the most loved thing about online storage. No matter how online storages you are using and how many devices you have owned, any single device with the internet connection from anywhere will work. It can be your home PC, your office computer, or even a phone or tablet.

Offline storage has the clear limitations in terms of devices that can be attached to the system at a time. It is obvious for more storage you need to keep more devices with you which is not feasible.

So, online storage is the clear winner here.

3. Cost

This is the space where comparison gets little tough. Many of the online storage providers offer you a free data storage option for about two to five gigabytes. You can avail additional space by paying some monthly fee.

There are offline storage options like an external hard drive which can stores a data up to one to two terabytes, on other hand buying the same storage space from online service provider might be bit expensive.

If cost is a primary concern, a user can make a decision between offline and online solutions according to his needs.

4. Data integrity

Here's one region where online capacity gives noteworthy advantages. On the off chance that you have a hard drive crash, the information on that hard drive is lost. Online capacity suppliers have excess equipment that ensures your information is in place, regardless.

Both are vulnerable to human mistake, obviously, and on the off chance that you erase a document you might be stuck between a rock and a hard place in any case. Excepting that, the online storage system is a sure winner here.

But in most of the cases, one should take online storage into consideration. It comes with the hard to ignore advantages like greater accessibility, more security and technology favoured.


Cloud computing is a stunning innovation that will just turn out to be more far reaching. It offers numerous points of interest that could instantly advantage you and your business – know, notwithstanding, that underlying improvements accompany regular issues. If you hold up a while, the service will probably grow all the more completely as issues are resolved. Furthermore, the cost will go down as more individuals start using this technology, which is incredible news for any entrepreneur.

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