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A Paradise for Tourists - Jeddah

The capital city Riyadh is the masterpiece of a modern kingdom, whereas you will see a blend of the ancient and modern when you visit Jeddah.
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When we think of Saudi Arabia, we never look at it as a holiday destination; we do however look at it as a holy destination because it is here in this kingdom that the Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina are located. Therefore, the first thought is usually that it is the place where Muslims go for Hajj.  However, that part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a tourist’s paradise.

Apart from being the birthplace and spiritual home of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia is rich in tourism. The capital city Riyadh is the masterpiece of a modern kingdom, whereas you will see a blend of the ancient and modern when you visit Jeddah. It is an old city made of coral, and you can do world class diving on the Red Sea Coast. For the Muslim visitors, Saudi Arabia is the home of the most sacred destinations.


It is quite natural to have preconceived notions of this city that is the gateway to the holiest pilgrimage point for the Islamic world. However, these notions will soon be dissipated by sheer disbelief. The second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a cosmopolitan city and is listed as a world city. As you drive from the airport to your hotel, you will go through a multitude of roundabouts that have been converted into artistic masterpieces.  This was done by the authorities, to spruce up the outdoor space in the city. Therefore as part of your Jeddah Tourism tour, every guide will speak to you about the paintings and the sculptures, ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful, that you will find in the public places.

Otherwise known for its arid and hot deserts, Saudi Arabia gets its coastal view via the city of Jeddah. Situated right on top of the coastal plains of the Red Sea, this city is the top choice for all travellers coming here for Jeddah Tourism.


When you actually visit this beautiful city, you will realize that you have come across numerous attractions that will never be found together in any other city in the world.  So if it is the 30km long Corniche or the promenade that will allow you  to surf and enjoy the sea and the sand, or even a roundabout that has concrete pillars with car shaped object jutting out, it has to be only one place, Jeddah.

Scuba diving is another great activity for tourists, especially in summer when the water temperatures are around 29 degrees.  Winter temperatures hit 22 degrees so divers are advised to pack thick wetsuits to avoid chills.

If your interest lies in culture and art, then you can visit the many museums here. If you are a shopaholic, and looking for a shopping experience in Jeddah, you will be guided to Tahlia Street, also known as Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Road.  This street is the biggest hub for shopping and fashion purchases in the city.

If you are one who likes shopping in malls then Jeddah has that for you. Malls like the Mall of Arabia and the Red Sea Mall will give you a Shopping Experience in Jeddah that you will never forget. The Danube Hypermarket at Red Sea Mall has a great selection of non-food items as well as a good range of international foods.

For the foodies too, Jeddah has it all for you. Whether it is Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish or Yemeni cuisine or even a mixture of all you crave for, you will get your cravings sated. The international food chains like McDonalds and Pizza Hut are available too if you want to play it safe or just crave familiarity in the food. A popular food chain in Saudi Arabia, Al Baik is famous for its authentic Saudi food.

In the evenings you can indulge in some Shisha smoking are supper at the Al Nakhil Restaurant on the Corniche. Soak up the last atmosphere of this buzzy restaurant where many families dine and chat until the wee hours of the morning.

There is only one word for the perfect holiday destination that caters for the historians, the artists, the shoppers, the foodies and the water lovers – Jeddah.

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