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Simple skin care steps that you need to follow

Any skin care product is good for your skin since it provides the desired nutrients to your skin.
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Because of unsound dietary routine we avoid care that our skin needs from time to time. Mostly skin care product is used for refreshing your skin. Your skin would not react to products in case they are not made for it.

No skin care brand can replace your natural source of vitamins and nutrients that you get from fruits and vegetables. A regular diet and plenty of water consumption can retain your skin glow. Irrespective of any season caring for your skin is necessary. The softness of your skin is determined by the oil content in it.

It is very important for you to know your skin type.

A normal skin is neither dry nor oily. It has the following:

A normal skin is never too sensitive nor will it consist of barely visible pores. Normal skin has glowing skin tone.

At the time exposed to drying factors, the skin can become itchy or crack, become inflamed or irritated. You can experience flakiness if your skin is very dry especially on the elbows, legs and arms too. Using the anti aging cream, collagen drink can be a great idea for you.

A combination skin tone will have skin that is a little oily, dry or then sometimes normal in different areas of the face. Most of the people have combination skin that might benefit from different kinds of skin care in different areas.

If your body lacks collagen formation you will have a no hair and nail growth. Collagen is defined as main structural protein found in animal body. It is nothing but a fibrous tissue in form of tendons.

These Collagenous tissue syncs with the cardiac muscles. Also you will be deprived of the bone strength.

Hence collagen supplement is quite beneficial for your skin.

Factors that damage your skin

1. Changing weather conditions

2. Extreme heat indoors

3. Ingredients in cosmetics, soaps or cleansers

4. Genetic factors

5. Hormonal changes

6. Aging changes

7. Hot bath and long showers

Day to day skin care tips

Use gentle and mild soaps or cleansers. While bathing do not scrub excessively. While making sue of household detergents and solvents make use of gloves.

If you do not use right skincare method oiliness can get worse. Avoid stress and prolonged exposure to heat. View some skin care products by visiting  Imageskincare website .

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