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Take The Best Pictures Using Your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

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Views: 570 Created 10/12/2016

#1: Prevent over- zooming and flashing If you’re looking to photography-worthy pictures on your own smartphone, it’s best to prevent two things: the flash and the zoom. The iPhone 6S uses digital zoom, which crops the picture (usually unevenly), throwing off what’s called the ‘noise algorithm’ of the resulting picture. This results in soft-looking pictures, instead of ones that are sharp. Rather than using the zoom function, crop your picture when you have a full size image to play around with and zoom in afterwards.

Next, the flash is –ed by the ruiner of night time pictures! Images taken with the flash turned on are simple to spot, as they lack detail and are often overexposed.

It is left off, despite the fact that the iPhone 6S boasts a TrueTone duel LED flash. Instead, try to use any natural light around you or play around with the settings in an editing app.

#2: Be cautious with ‘Live’ photographs A brand new attribute for 6S Plus, ‘Reside’ photographs and the iPhone Repair Near Me 6S add several seconds of video to the beginning and ending of the graphics.

By default, Live photographs are on all the time. We recommend changing this off by pressing the circular icon on top, when you’re looking to use the function and then manually tap it on and off. Sports or moving vehicles look great, but snap of your transferring dinner.

Additionally, the space is taken up by Live pictures in case you've got a 16GB iPhone!


#3: Utilize ‘Exposure’ for pictures at nighttime We mentioned that we advise against using the flash on the iPhone 6S, but that doesn’t mean you need to dump the apparatus entirely after hours.

One useful trick is adjusting the ‘Exposure’ slider Apple introduced in iOS 8. When focusing the picture, allowing it to slide back and forth it is going to appear. The detector was hit on by increasing the exposure will brighten the photograph, as the shutter will remain open longer and let more light.

There you've got it! Now go and take beautiful iPhone photos!

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