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The Back Pain Won't Just Go Away

Our services include a conservative approach to spinal problems with emphasis on personalized, patient-centered care.
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Whatever the cause of your back pain, it’s crucial that you seek professional medical help when possible, as a serious illness may need surgical intervention. Dismissing back pain can have a high cost.

A pain in the neck. Focus, please! You may spend hours on the telephone, with it cradled between shoulder and your neck. Perhaps you’re seated at a computer for hours each day. Your position may have been poor in either of these actions, and that can bring about nerve impingement and cervical spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis can be somewhat tricky. Those who suffer from it habitually have moderate symptoms and frequently prevent seeing a medical professional because it has a tendency to enhance slowly. But experiencing the referred pain into the shoulder and in-between the shoulder blades can be a message from your spine that something may be seriously wrong in your cervical (neck) spine.

Potential sources of pain in the neck and shoulder can indicate the vertebrae in your neck are out of alignment, causing pressure on nerves there Best Spinal Care In NJ. You may have arthritis or disks which are degenerating due to postural issues or the aging process.

The pain brought on by nerves which are pinched or compressed can be acute. Determined by the root source of the pain, treatment may be as straightforward as physical therapy drug and/or. Operation may be indicated. That it’s so significant that you make an appointment to see a back and neck pain specialist at your earliest chance.

Jersey Spine Associates specializes in treatment and identification of conditions affecting the back. Your pain may not “ only go away”. Listen to your back and contact us so that we may help.

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