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How An Online Document Management System Help Companies To Manage Documents

Online document management systems not only organize or secure documents but shares the control access which helps to retrieve documents quickly with full data security.
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Organizations currently are inducing a bigger amount of electronic information, data and records like videos, pictures, archives, documents, etc. and managing this information is essential because the files are important and cannot be deleted and are vital for work. Unfortunately, having a storage for this information in a data center can get extremely costly for the organizations. Also, poor file management adds on to pressure while you're working and searching for a particular document. Online document management systems are becoming popular as it not just gives these companies a wider space for storage and an easy management but also saves the costs incurred on paper documents. In fact, online systems assure a good quality and durability of documents too.

What Is An Online Document Management System (ODMS) ?

ODMS gives a service of remotely maintaining, managing and backing up data. The service allows storing data online so that they could be accessed anytime and anywhere via. the Internet. The service allows the storage of data securely. Many companies in recent times are opting for an ODMS over data centers that are more expensive. In this way, before you plan to get an online document management system for your data, ensure that you know about its favorable merits and demerits first. Also, you’ve to think whether you just need a file management system or a management system with a good storage capacity and higher performance.

Now let's discuss more online document management system

Basically, an online document management system is a combination of several technologies that are used for creating, capturing, indexing, reviewing, maintaining, storing, retrieving and disposing of the informative assets. The principle components of ODMS incorporate technologies that take you through the entire process right from digital document creation till the storage process. This also includes imaging, managing documents and processing the workflow. In short, online document management system is just a way to digitize and automate files and documents, shorten the amount of time taken for locating the documents, filing and storing them. Also, it is a very simple way to give its users an access to the files.

Advantages Of Online Document Management Systems:

  • Efficiency

All online document management systems give an access to desktop folders on both PCs and MaCs. With this feature, the users move and customize the documents straight from the local storages to online document management system making the task easier.

  • Easy sharing

You can send your data to all the recipients at once instead of individually sharing. This also saves your time while document management.

  • Accessibility

You can access the files anytime and from anywhere. But you must have an internet connection. These documents can also be accessed from different devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Useful for data recovery

Organizations must have a backup for their documents. This backup can be stored in the online document management system and can be accessed online when required.

  • Saves costs

Storing documents in data centers get expensive for companies. Online document management system is relatively a less expensive storage than local storages.

Disadvantages Of Online Document Management System:

Online document management systems though have very few disadvantages yet they cannot be ignored. Before you opt for an online document management system, remember to keep in mind about few of its facts discussed below.

  • Bandwidth

Easy sharing being one of the best advantages of online document management system also has some demerits. Every online document management system has a limitation for Bandwidth. Bandwidth, in simpler terms, determines the amount of data that can pass through your network at once. It mainly affects the time taken for uploading and downloading from the cloud. Now, if the organization surpasses the limited allowance, there are additional charges if extra space is required.

  • Usability

When you drop/drag a file to the cloud folder from the local storage, it permanently settles in the cloud. This step cannot be redone. Therefore, to maintain the file’s local position, you'll have to copy and paste instead of drag/drop option in the cloud. Although there are providers that allow full allowance too, but companies have to be very careful in terms of bandwidth.

  • No access without internet

Access to files and documents easily from anywhere is a merit to online document management system but it surely needs a good internet connection. If there is no connection, the files cannot be accessed at any cost.

  • Relatively new

As many users are still not well versed with technology, online document management systems can be a drawback as it needs users to access files online.  

  • Security

The security in online document management system is quite good as the hackers don’t have a direct target to attack. Interconnectedness can be a drawback as the hacker can breach one system and then link to other systems.

Many companies have opted for this form of a management system and are satisfied with the high performances. Although, paper document management systems are highly relied upon,  ODMS are expected to prosper and shape the document management system in all the companies around the world.

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