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How Online Document Management System Helps You Make Work Simpler

In businesses and workplaces, there are many people who think having a chaotic workplace is good for their work as it will increase their creativity.
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In businesses and workplaces, there are many people who think having a chaotic workplace is good for their work as it will increase their creativity. That could be right maybe, but that hardly happens in a workplace  where people get equipped with the right tools for productivity for doing their jobs rightly. In such cases, corporations prefer opting for an online document management system. Let’s later discuss how it helps the corporations help tackle problems of managing a huge chunk of files.

Firstly, it happens to the best of managers that they ought to misplace files, documents and look for them inducing a lot of time on it. There are many times a document gets damaged, misplaced, lost while in a large group of files. Wouldn’t this problem bother you if it could be an important document for a meeting or presentation, a government-mandated document, etc.?

So, here companies or people call for an online document management system.

What Is An Online Document Management System (ODMS)?

An ODMS is a system that processes, captures, stores and retrieves information of documents on a daily basis. Although earlier paper document management is highly popular and it is still reliable in many corporations, ODMS is taking over at a higher pace. Why it is taking over is mainly because it combines both digital and paper files collectively, be it cheques, business cards, etc. ODMS supports many file formats like Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, PDF files, etc.

An ODMS mainly constitutes of:

  • Document storage
  • Check-out/check-in
  • Simultaneous editing and coordination
  • Security
  • Access control
  • Search and retrieval
  • Version control
  • Classification and Indexing
  • Audit trails
  • Annotations

Adopting an ODMS is way more beyond just going paperless. Of Course, it is an environment- friendly system but it also offers high benefits. Let’s know what these benefits are.

File/Document Repository

Online document management systems act as a central repository for your important documents that you can subsequently access, view, change and share with colleagues. You’ll be saving time by not looking for documents through many folders just for one single file.

Document Security

When documents don’t get systematically managed, the chances of important information getting leaked increases. Important, sensitive and confidential information getting into the wrong hands can risk your business and invite damages and losses. ODMS lets you safeguard all the confidential information through tight security measures and policies and role-based access control (RBAC). Through RBAC, authorized users are only authenticated to view documents or files.

Anywhere And Anytime Access

Just like cloud-based software, ODMS lets users access documents and files anytime, anywhere, regardless of the device you have, which is mostly handy when working on projects with workers  who are located remotely.

Integrates With Third-Party Software

App integration is such a capability that cuts down unwanted data input and makes the flow of information between disparate platforms. It not just helps saving time and efforts but also  maintaining data accuracy and integrity as well. Some ODMS also support email integration and helps you directly send documents and files to workers and colleagues.

Better Organizations

In ODMS, tags mark files and documents  within categories, subcategories and metadata. As a worker, it becomes easy for organizing, locating and retrieving data for future use. In fact, a search feature in ODMS makes it very easy for users to just type a keyword and locate their document. The typical management systems are so efficient that if you type a keyword stuffed in the document instead of the title, it will recommend you related documents.

Time And Cost Efficiency

It is a great system if you are looking for a document manager that saves your time. In businesses, be it blooming or established, the time saved is money saved. For companies that opt for an online document management system get one mainly to save time. There are many companies that have free storages. Others that have charges over its facilities offer a free trial period where they don’t charge for a fixed time and let users have an idea about how the system functions.

File Sharing

With ODMS, as a user, you can share and collaborate on documents and files with colleagues, regardless of where you are working. You can control the audience with whom you share the files. Also, the files can be shared through links or password protected files. With the features of audit trail, you can keep a check on who has viewed and edited certain documents or files.


The chances of paper documents getting lost or damaged increase when they are frequently used or not used at all. No matter how many times you access a file or not, it will always be in the same condition, stored securely unless you don’t bring in changes or delete them.

An online document management system has highly functional features that make it reliable. Many companies are opting for one. If you are facing a hassled work due to a large chunk of files, an ODMS is what you should opt for.

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