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Interior design elements that will kill the atmosphere in your home

Interior design is one of those things you’re never really done with. That’s because trends come and go and what was fashionable a few years ago doesn’t look so great now.
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Interior design is one of those things you’re never really done with. That’s because trends come and go and what was fashionable a few years ago doesn’t look so great now. Here’s a look at a few design elements that have either fallen out of style, or were never really fashionable to begin with.

Things that don’t work

Anything that’s in your home and not working needs to be fixed, thrown away, or replaced. It it’s no longer serving the purpose it’s supposed to be serving, it’s cluttering up your home and needs to go. This might be anything from a piece of furniture that you just haven’t had time to fix to a burned out lightbulb that you just haven’t gotten around to changing.

Dead things

Things that used to be alive but aren’t any longer tend to create a bad atmosphere. The hunting lodge look may have been popular years ago but taxidermy is generally frowned upon now as an interior design element. So even if you’re big into hunting, don’t embrace the tradition of not letting a single part of the animal go to waste. This rule doesn’t just apply to things from the animal kingdom. Plants that have died also need to go as well.

The TV centerpiece

A good design principle is to have a focal point in every room that draws the eye. Often, the television plays that role, and it isn’t a good thing. There are so many better ways to create visual interest than with a huge flat screen TV. Entertainment centers with a door that can close and hide the TV when not in use is one good option. At the very least it should be recessed in an entertainment center so its presence isn’t as prominent.

As for the bedrooms, you should strongly reconsider even having TVs in there to begin with. All the research suggests that watching TV as you wind down at night is bad for you. The bedroom is for sleeping so keep the TVs in multipurpose or family rooms.

Old stuff

There are two kinds of old stuff: old stuff that’s got a charming antique kind of vibe, and old stuff that’s just old and dated. The former is fine in moderation, the latter is never good. If you live in an older home, you can’t exactly erase all of the older elements and you probably don’t want to. But you need to strike a balance between those charming aspects of an older home and the functionality of a more modern home.

One way to blend old with new is to get new covers for your baseboard radiators. Rather than tearing out an old baseboard heating system in favor of something more modern, you can modernize the look of it. You can purchase baseboard radiator covers by the foot and snap them into place in minutes for a new look that doesn’t compromise the charm of living in an older home.

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Source: heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/home-garden/home-garden-collections/5-interior-design-elements-that-cause-bad-vibes/news-story/57d40e29f507cde41754766c83a8bf90

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