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These 6 Factors Will Help You Select Best Mobile App Developer

This article highlights 6 basic factors to consider before choosing a mobile app developer.
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Mobile app development is a complex business, there are a number of clients asking you to either fix or complete the application undone by the previous developer. There are cases where people have spent $30K or above on mobile applications and have nothing to show for it. This post is for all of you looking to spend your bucks in order to have a relevant mobile app for your company. This post will cover multiple factors which are needed to make a choice for a mobile app developer.

If you are looking for a mobile app developer look onto these few factors before hiring one.

  1. Technical Capabilities:

This is the very first thing to consider, either the developer you are looking for can carry out the necessary development or not. A complex app development company in Toronto might have:

- iOS Developer.

- Android Developer.

- U/X Developer.

- Backend Developer.

- Project Manager and,

- Project Architect.


  1. Check Their Portfolio:

The second thing to consider is their portfolio which will resonate their experience in the industry.

A notable practice here would be to download the application they have developed and experience the good and bad in it. You can also contact clients mentioned in their testimonials to have a better and clear perceptions of their work. 


  1. What is Your Backup Plan:

There are cases where developers are gone with the wind. They just disappear, they don’t answer calls nor reply to emails and are out for weeks. This forces clients to find for another developer because they are hitting the deadline from the company.

You should ask them about their backup plan if unfortunately, something happens to the developer. Therefore, professional mobile app developers are preferred because they have sufficient workforce to deal with.


  1. Ask His/her Development Process:

We all are curious to ask "How do they do it?". It's better to ask what is their developmental process and evaluate them before hiring. Following are a few questions you should ask to acquire their relevancy and expertise. 

- How is communication handled?

- How is Quality Assured?

- What is your method of providing feedback? And when do you do that?

- Do you and your workforce stay on the same page while developing for clients?


  1. Service Plans:

Major platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows are updated roughly once a quarter. These upgrades might damage your app in certain conditions. Platform updates are found to be the suspects of broken sound files and crash issues.

So, when choosing a mobile developer to ask him/her about the maintenance plans and upgradation packages. A developer can't really be held responsible for the issue caused by the upgrade of the platform, but he can manage to solve them.


  1. Pricing:

Saved the most important for last for a reason. I won't here go with that cliché that you pay for the quality you get, there still are mobile app developers which can still be cost effective and quality driven right away. There are developers who just throw large prices at their client, and there are those whose bid is so dramatically low that the client himself questions his expertise. However, before you ask them what will they charge, talk to them first they might have a template for you in advance.

Hopefully, these 6 factors might have given you a something to consider in evaluating the right developer for your mobile application. You might love to read: Pros and Cons of Rapid Mobile App Development.

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