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Is it worth using bonus codes?

I very often heard about people using bonus codes to use some promotions or special offers of sellers or services providers, but Is it worth using bonus codes?
Views: 485 Created 12/13/2016

I very often heard about people using bonus codes to use some promotions or special offers of sellers or services providers. As I am pretty much reluctant and cautious my attitude has always been rather skeptical, as I thought that no one will ever give you anything for free. However my approach to the subject has changed some time ago and I decided to share with you why.

Two years ago I ordered a calendar with pictures of my family from a printing company as a new year’s gift, this was a great idea by the way, as my family loved it. Usually when you order something you must register an account providing some of your details, which I did. Companies then often send you some special offers to your email address, and I received a bonus code for services of this printing company, like a photo book or a photo calendar, as the one I ordered a year earlier. I thought why not and decided to order a similar calendar for the next year using the bonus code, and I got a 50% discount for my order. So it really paid off, as I well remember the price I paid without the bonus code, which was much higher. This somehow changed my attitude to bonuses, promotions and so on and I even started to search for them online.

Once I wanted to order a set of books, as I am a true bookworm, and I found a bonus code thanks to which I not only bought the books I badly wanted 25% off, but I also received a mug with a funny label saying “readers live longer” and got a €30 discount for next purchase, which I will use for sure in a very short time! As it  turned out that bonus codes are available for all sorts of services and it is not so hard to find them. But you must be still very careful to use only those from verified suppliers as there are a lot of fakes.

For instance I once got a bonus code for streaming online, it was supposedly entitle me to watch movies online, as it turned out it was a total fake and did not work. Yet when you use bonus codes from verified websites and check opinions you can easily avoid such situations. I sometimes like to play various games online, I like casino the best. I used to play free games as I don’t really like to spend my own money, but I came across some websites offering bonus codes for online gaming and used one of them offering free bonus cash to start playing online without really spending a dime, thanks to this I started playing real-money and did not have to make any deposit, which is really fun as I am pretty good at it!

The same when I first registered for Uber services I got a special offer for drives, this was a pool of cash for the first and following drives, such bonus codes are often available no websites or they go around friends, as when you can recommend the services to someone as then get another bonus code, for instance for a free drive. This really pays off. I stopped fearing that companies are trying to trick me into something and convinced myself  that this is simply some sort of a method to encourage people to try out something new or reward faithful customers, which is a great idea by the way as customers should receive special treatment.

To be honest now I now look for bonus codes or special offers before I decide to buy something or use some other services, there are so many companies that do appreciate their customers and offer special privileges and discounts.

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  matgra,  12/13/2016

I agree in 100%, when I try to buy something, first I look for the best bonus code ! nice article btw

  korg,  12/13/2016

I tried my friend promo code to uber and it gave me around £5 discount so it works !

  tedek,  12/13/2016

once i get 70% discount in one online store for my shoes

  scalett,  12/14/2016

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  bharuna,  12/28/2016

I can feel that the articles contained in this blog is so interesting. I also get a variety informasin, thanks.

  lorihicks,  12/29/2016

Promotional blog! These are effective sharing to know about special offers and bonus. Thanx much

  arnald,  01/25/2017

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