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Getting ready for the Africa Humanitarian Mission

A humanitarian project will assist you with all the material to help a community or a country which is in a dire condition. There can be different projects from natural disaster...
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A humanitarian project will assist you with all the material to help a community or a country which is in a dire condition. There can be different projects from natural disasters to social issues that one can pick to work on. If you are amongst the blessed ones who have enrolled to work for the Africa humanitarian mission then you will have to be ready for several things. It is unlike your regular travel trip and you will be assigned a mission. People who were or are part of such projects gain valuable experience about human conditions that many do not even acknowledge.

Here is how one should prepare himself for the humanitarian mission:

You should know the reason why you have joined the mission. What compelled you to work on anything like this? If you assume that it is a great travel opportunity to see the world then you might return dejected. When it is a serious crisis, the volunteers have to work not just during the daytime but also in the nights. You will get to stay with the people whom you will be helping and expecting a luxurious accommodation would be out of the question. Hence, you will have to determine a goal and then join a group to give your services.

While deciding which kind of Africa humanitarian mission to work on, think of how long would you be interested in working? Would you go for a shorter tenure or a time period that is not fixed? You can expect the projects to last anywhere between days to months and years. Hence, you will have to be clear and decide on the tenure first and then enroll for the trip.

Do not expect any organization to cover all your expenses for the humanitarian trip. Being a member of such organizations will have its terms and conditions. You might have to cover your expenses or raise funds for the trip to be able to reach Africa and contribute. Hence, you will have to go through the trip itinerary in detail to know how much you will have to pay.

Never think of going to Africa with some imaginary picture of it and learn as much as possible about the real conditions there. The best way to do so is by watching documentaries or talking with the members of the Africa humanitarian mission. You will not get to travel places that you might have imagined but you will surely get to know interesting details about their culture and traditions.

When you are packing your bags, remember that you are on a responsible tourism. Travel light and be ready with all your necessary things Go with a mind frame that you will not get anything to buy there. Carry all the medicines for all the days that you will be spending in Africa. Additionally, get all the necessary vaccinations. Keep your travel documents ready. Never go for last minute packing.

Keep your emotions aside when you are working with others and trying to help out others. Never judge people for the kind of traditions they follow or native tone in their language. Always keep in mind that you are your country's ambassador and create a positive image for it.

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