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Job Search Tactics That Do Not Work

If you are using any of the following widespread job search tactics, you should change the course immediately.
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You are applying for every possible job that is anyhow related to your field; you are trying to put your CV in the hands of everyone you meet. And you still can’t find a suitable job. The reason may be in the wrong job search tactic you are using. It doesn’t mean you are not smart or determined enough. It means lots of people usually make the same mistakes because they don’t have enough training on how to succeed in the job search.

Here is a list of the most common job search tactics that actually don’t work.

Applying for Jobs Blindly

Recruiters and hiring managers are not sitting and deducing why you are a good match for their job or what you may be good at. The applicant tracking system will never find your resume or cover letter unless it speaks to the specific needs and requirements of the job.

That’s why if you feel you are not an obvious on-paper match for a job, you need to understand how to make yourself this person. You can take on volunteer opportunities or gain some new skills. If you are a job searching mom, you may do some freelance work in order to improve your resume, like Job Searching Mom blog.

Spending All Time Submitting Online Applications

You are going to waste a lot of your precious time if attacking the job boards is your primary search tactic. A few of hundreds of contenders will try to find an “in” at the certain company where they would like to work. And they will certainly try to use that “in” to receive a direct introduction. So think about becoming the one with the “in” rather than being one of the other hundreds of applicants from the regular job boards.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for the job online. However, after you submit your resume there; go over to LinkedIn to see whether you have a first-degree connection at that company. Try to reach out immediately as your aim is to become the person who gets the direct introduction. Try building a LinkedIn profile as well - it will boost your chances of success.

Using the Phrase “I’m a Fast Learner”

Only entry level jobs don’t require any experience. For any other position, the decision makers are looking for a person who can hit the ground running at once. It doesn’t mean you will never be able to find a job in a new industry. But if the recruiter asks you why they should take you, never answer “Because I’m a fast learner.” Better think how your skills and work experience can make you a perfect candidate for that job.

Impose Your Resume before Building Some Rapport

It’s not a good idea to find somebody who works at your dream company and foist your resume on them before you even started any small talk to establish some rapport. Do you think that person will take your resume over to the manager? That’s surely not how networking works. After you find a great connection on LinkedIn or meet a contact, try to build a relationship first before you start asking for a job.

Everybody knows that job searching process is quite difficult and tiring. Try to eliminate job search tactics that don’t actually help or work. When you do this and replace them with more effective options, you’ll most probably see the progress that will eventually lead you to landing your dream job.

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