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Sponsoring Visitors Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of visas are approved each day at United States consulates around the world, and most of them are issued solely on the merits presented by foreign applicants.
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Is There an Advantage to Sponsoring Foreign Visitors?

Ideally, no sponsoring actions would be required; however, many applicants are not able to show the financial sufficiency that immigration agents would like to see. In other words, sponsoring is mostly for economic purposes and to ensure that visitors do not run out of money during their stay as this could create a potential welfare situation.

Can Visitors Obtain U.S. Visas Without Sponsors?

Applicants who show that they have plenty of reasons for returning to their countries of origin do not require sponsors to get approved for U.S. visas. Most of these reasons are monetary; for example, if a wealthy family from Brazil with a net worth of a million dollars wishes to visit Disney World in Orlando, the process of approving a B-2 visa without sponsorship would be highly likely.

Is there a Limit to the Number of Visitors Who Can be Sponsored?

There is no predetermined limit; however, it is important to note that sponsorship entails financial means. A foreign student from Bangalore may want to sponsor his or her parents, brothers and sisters so that they can visit during the graduation ceremony, but would have to prove that there is enough money to care for all of them while they are in the U.S.

What Documents Should Sponsors Provide?

The level of documentation will depend on the status of the sponsor. An H-1B visa worker from the Philippines, for example, may have to provide proof of status along with pay receipts and other evidence of employment as well as residence. H-1B visa holders tend to be adequate sponsors, but the documentation requirement can seem excessive and may require the assistance of an attorney to draft the various letters to consulate officials and immigration attorneys agents.

Should Supporting Documents Be Sent to the U.S. Consulate?

Sponsors should never send any documents to consulates or embassies abroad; they should only be sent to the foreign visitors being sponsored.

Can Fiancés, Fiancées or Romantic Interests be Sponsored?

If the romance is serious enough that wedding bells can be heard in the distance, the sponsor should consider preparing a K-1 visa application instead of a B-2 visa for tourism. If things do not work out within 90 days after arriving in the U.S., the foreign romantic partner must return to his or her country of origin. 

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