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Ideas for decorating your guest room

Guest rooms are a really great thing to have in your home if you have room.
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Guest rooms are a really great thing to have in your home if you have room. They allow your guests to have a nice, comfortable place to themselves when they visit, and it keeps them out of your normal living space, so you can get on with your normal daily activities. There’s nothing worse than your child not being able to go into their room and get their stuff because you have guests sleeping in there.

You may be wondering how exactly you should decorate your guest room. How are you supposed to pick the right decorations? You’ll have to pick paint, baseboard heater covers, furniture, and even art for the walls. Here are some ideas you can use when decorating.

Hotel like guest room

One idea for decorating your guest room is to make it feel like they are in a hotel. Use all neutral colors in the room including neutral color bedding and art. And give them all the perks of staying at a hotel. A mint on the pillow, a pad of paper for writing down anything they need, fresh towels, or even bathrobes. Make sure your guest room is fully stocked with anything they might need during the visit including small sizes of soaps for showering. This will give a hotel feel to the room.

WiFi password sign

More than likely, your guests will start asking for your WiFi password within a couple of hours of getting to your house. Instead of having to constantly share the password with them, put a WiFi password sign in your guestroom with the credentials. Not only is it convenient for them to be able to easily add it to all of their devices, it is nice for you because you don’t have to constantly answer their questions.

Get cozy

A couch in the guest room may seem a little overboard, but your guests appreciate being able to cozy up and do whatever they need to in order to unwind from a long day. Everyone has their bedtime routines, and maybe just being able to snuggle on the couch for a movie or being able to read a book is all they need to really get ready for bed.

Guests far away from you

If possible, choose your guest room to be the one that is as far away from your room as possible. You will be comfortable with your normal routine, but your guests might feel uncomfortable if they have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night knowing they might wake you or your children up. Putting your guests in a room far away helps ease their concerns.

Play with colors and patterns

One way to really liven up the feel of your guest room is to go bold with your colors and patterns. Hotels use neutral colors so as to avoid any problems with guests that might be unhappy with the decor. Your guests probably don’t have an opinion when staying in your home for free, so go ahead and do what you love. Layer on the textures and patterns for a really bold look. Use a bright quilt and art with a lot of colors in it. Patterned couches and draperies add definition to the room.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that you need to be just as comfortable with the space as your guests, so pick a design that works best for you.


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Source: architecturaldigest.com/gallery/decorating-ideas-guest-bedroom#18

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