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My best friend - today and forever

The Uber clone script is definitely a true friend, being with you all the time, holding your hand wherever and whenever you want him. Make him your true friend too. 
Views: 581 Created 01/25/2017

Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget”

We all have friends, some are with you through thick and thin, always there for you while others are casual friends with whom you socialize occasionally and have a drink and laugh. Today I am going to introduce you to one of my best friends, the Uber app clone. He is there with me whatever happens and I can always rely on him to be there for me whenever I need him. You must be thinking I am mad – how can an app be a friend, that too a serious one?

I thought the same thing when I first met him. It was actually quite by accident that I happened to come across him. He was actually introduced to me by a very dear friend who told me that he was always there for her whenever she needed him.


Me: Hi I am Rider

UAC (Uber app clone) – Hi. I am the Uber App Clone. I am also known as Uber clone script, but all my friends call me Uber. However, if you want to call me by that name, then you will need to download me onto your phone.

Me: Sure. How do I do that?

UAC – Just go to Google Play store, look me up and tap “INSTALL”, I will be on your phone is seconds, without any hassles. Once you do that, you can chat with me anytime.


I did just that. And hey presto he appeared on my dashboard within seconds. Now what?

UAC – Do not stand to gawp at me! You need to register first.

Me: How do I do that?

UAC – By inputting your full name, address, contact details like your phone number and email address and if you have a credit/debit card details, you will need to input those too.

Me: Done. Now what?

UAC – I am actually an on-demand taxi app; anytime you need to go anywhere you come to me and input the details of where and when you want to go. You can choose the kind of car you want to travel in too. Once you have done that, all the available taxis in the area will show up on the screen. You can select any driver, check out his credentials, ratings and reviews and if you like his looks (tongue in cheek) you can request his services. You will also set an estimated fare so you know how much your ride will cost.

One you book him, you will be able to see him making his way to pick you up. Do not worry. I will be with you all the way. Once he reached you, I can assure you it is safe to get into his car and he will take you to your destination. Fear not. I will always be holding your hand. On reaching the destination, you can “COMPLETE” the ride. On completion, you will get an invoice on how much the ride has cost you. At the same time, the fare will be paid automatically to my boss. He is the admin and in charge of everything. He knows who my friends are, who needs riders, vets the drivers, and controls the workings of the app. From start to finish, I will be with you, giving you the ride of your life, in the car of your choice. How does that suit you?


Me: It suits me fine. But how do you manage all this for all your friends? What if everyone wants your shoulder at the same time?

UAC – Simple. My boss is always aware when a number of friends require my friendly services. He will ensure that there are taxis available for all of them by identifying the hotspots and dispatching cabs accordingly.

Me: That is hard work. So when do you sleep?

UAC – I do not. I do not get tired. I work throughout the world, any city, any country – I will be there for you. I have the ability to speak the language of the country you are in so do not worry on that account too. In fact, I work better when I have many friends requesting my services. This makes my boss happy too because that means he makes a lot of money. He is happy, I am happy, you are happy, all my friends are happy.

Me: Thank you, UAC. I need to go now but it has been great chatting to you. You can bet I will be linking up with you soon. What’s more, I will tell all my friends about you too. Ciao!

So what do you think of my new friend? Is he not just wonderful? I think the Uber clone script is definitely a true friend, being with you all the time, holding your hand wherever and whenever you want him. Make him your true friend too.

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