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Another roof collapses from snow

Devastating the town of Weiser, Idaho, the main grocery store in town collapsed from the weight of the snow.
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Devastating the town of Weiser, Idaho, the main grocery store in town collapsed from the weight of the snow. The snow this year has been incredible throughout the whole country, and Spokane has seen its fair share of snow this winter. There are many things you need to do to prevent your roof from collapse, whether it is your home or a local business.

Weiser grocery store

The city of Weiser has so much snow that people are being told to stay off the streets and in their homes to keep safe. Ridley’s, the main grocery store in town, had piles of snow on the roof, and a crew of 12 people had gone up to shovel it off. One of the employees noticed the roof was starting to cave in, and all the employees got off as quickly as they could. Fortunately, the store was closed at the time, and nobody was hurt in the incident.

Preventing roof collapse

During winter months, the key to preventing winter roof collapses like this is to keep the snow off your roof. Make sure you shovel it off regularly instead of waiting for it to get too heavy. Look in corners of the roof where there may be pileups because of the direction of the wind or the slops of your roof, and keep them free of snow. Talk to Spokane roofing experts if you need help removing the snow or you are worried about the condition of your roof.

Prepare for springtime

When it starts to warm up, and all the snow melts, prepare for any possible problems that were caused by all the snow. There could be ice and other blockages at the bottom of your rain gutters preventing them from draining properly. You could have an ice dam on your roof preventing the snow from going off the roof. All you can do right now is prepare for the worst, and call for help if you need it.

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Source: ktvb.com/news/local/snow-collapses-roof-of-weiser-grocery-store/388508312

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