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Make your life easy with uber for X

This concept became so popular that it has given birth on the million dollar on demand service industry whereby businesses are adapting this app to provide that “uber” service.
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I remember that when mobiles initially came into the market, they were just simple handsets that made communication on the move easier. They were considered a luxury too as only the elite could afford them. In fact to have a mobile phone was considered prestigious. Then came the advancements and features and games and other things like the internet that were introduced into the phone. The size and thickness of the phones started becoming bigger and sleeker. They became a fashion accessory that everyone wanted as soon as the latest one hit the shops. Phones nowadays are not just for idle chit chatting, playing games and passing time on the internet. They are now part of your professional getup – one that you really cannot do without. The once luxurious mobile phone has today become a business necessity as all professionals can now have phone conferences and meetings on the move. Phones are used for checking emails, sorting out the diary, making financial transactions; in fact anything that you can do on a personal computer or a laptop, you can now more or less do it on your smart phone. With the professional pressure and demands on your time increasing, it is only natural that your personal services will suffer. You no longer have time to cook, do the laundry, clean your home, look after your children or even visit the doctor!


Worry not. The concept that was initially used just the taxi business, is now being used for almost every service available today. The Uber clone was designed to enable commuters to summon a taxi and travel in style and comfort whenever they wanted. This concept became so popular that it has given birth on the million dollar on demand service industry whereby businesses are adapting this app to provide that “uber” service that the clone has become so popular for, with just a slight name change to Uber for X or On Demand Uber for X.

Uber for X apps are helping to make your life easier, saving you time and money. Let us take a look at some of the most popular apps that are in demand in the various service industries.


Listed below are some of the most popular apps that people are using daily in their lives.


This on demand car wash app saves you time and money by getting your car washed at a time that is convenient for you. No more waiting in queues for your car to be washed. You can even get it shampooed if you want.


Too busy to get your house cleaned? This app will allow you to search for professional housecleaners who will come and clean your home for you at a time that is convenient for you. Get your house cleaned whilst you are at work and come to a clean and fragrant home.


That cold is not budging and you have no time to go to the doctor. What do you do? Just tap on the app and get the doctor to visit you at your home or office at the time of your convenience. He will help you get rid of your cold in no time.


If your child is weak in a particular topic or subject and you require specific coaching requirements for him/her, Cube Tutors is your point of contact. This way you only order the coaching sessions you require at your convenience too rather than getting a monthly package that you do not really need.


You no longer have to feel guilty about not looking after that innocent and sweet member of the family. Cube dogwalkers will help you get the perfect dog walker for your pet. He is happy so you will be happy.


Isn’t it just frustrating when your car breaks down and there is no one to tow it away? Or when you call one, it takes hours to come? With Cube Towtruck, your car will be towed away in no time, anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.


This is one app that is very much in use by the ladies. They no longer have to make appointments at salons or wait in the queue to be attended. All they now need to do is call a beautician to their home or office and get the treatment at their convenient time.

These are just a few apps that are very much in demand. Many entrepreneurs and start ups are investing in the on demand service industry because this is an industry that is on the boom. If you are one of those looking to make an investment that will bring big returns than Uber for X is the solution for you. Start your own venture today.

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