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5 Roofing Materials in Spokane

Spokane is a beautiful city with pine trees and waterfalls and a big red wagon.
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Spokane is a beautiful city with pine trees and waterfalls and a big red wagon. But the weather can be very volatile. Summers get really hot and winters get very cold. Storms come and go, and the city has even dealt with the ash of Mt. St. Helens falling.

With everything a roof has to endure, Spokane roofers are there to help you get the one you need best. Here are five roofing materials you can use in Spokane.

    1. Asphalt Shingles: More than likely, this is what you already have on your roof. They last for 20-30 years and are fairly good for all different weather types. Everyone has them, so you won’t have a unique roof in your neighborhood, but it will be sturdy.

    2. Metal Roofs: A metal roof works well in hot climates at being energy efficient and reflecting the sun. It is not the best material for an area like Spokane where it gets very cold in the winter.

    3. Slate Roofs: While extremely expensive, slate is one of the most durable materials and is highly recommended in areas like Spokane where there are high winds. It will last the longest, so it is a good buy if you are living in your “forever” house.

    4. Clay or Concrete Tiles: Clay will last a long time, and the texture and look of the tiles makes it very unique. It stands up very well and is, essentially, maintenance-free. It also does well in cold climates. Again, this is more expensive than getting asphalt roofing.

    5. Wood Shingles: Wood roofs are very high maintenance and require more work to install than the rest of the options. Though you definitely get a different style with them than any of the other options, they are hard to take care of.

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Source: dcourier.com/news/2017/feb/03/roofing-materials-transform-look-functionality-hom/

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