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Enjoy tourism in jeddah over the summer holidays

It has a variety of shops, kids’ entertainment area, and various eateries and once upon a time it had the biggest indoor fountain in Saudi Arabia.
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We usually tend to plan our holidays well in advance for a couple of reasons – we need to book our leave well in advance and secondly, the earlier the holiday is booked, the cheaper it is. So for all those who are looking to book a holiday, check out Jeddah. I am sure when you read this, you will be thinking Jeddah? What is there to do in Jeddah? It doesn’t even feature in the holiday brochures. Yes you are right – but they say that you need to search for the good things in life. Likewise you need to go to Jeddah and enjoy its beauty and the life, which includes shopping too. Yes, Jeddah is popular for shopping.


Most of you who are reading this already have that flabbergasted look on your face, I am sure. Well to put your mind at rest, I have picked some of the popular tourist haunts that Jeddah has to offer. It is a mix and match selection so I am sure you will definitely find something for each and every member of your family.


This is the tallest fountain in the world. I think that is enough reason to go to Tourism in Jeddah, don’t you think? Just like those once in a lifetime place to visit, this is one of them. It reaches a height of 312m, making it even taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The water shoots up the fountain at a speed of 233miles per hour. The weight of the airborne water is approximately 16,000kg. It is a beauty to behold at night, with spotlights illuminating it. And a must in the evenings – a real beauty rising high with the sun setting colorfully as a backdrop.

OBHUR BEACH – Home to some of the luxurious looking spas and resorts, Obhur Beach is a favourite for people of all ages. The open beach is ideal for people of all ages, from children to pensioners. Obhur beach is actually a 12km ringlet located on the Red Sea, North of Jeddah. Obhur Beach is actually one of the most relaxed places in an Islamic dominated culture, where for a small fee you can actually sun bathe in a bikini in small beaches owned by hotels like the Sheraton, Yanbu Resort and some diving shops. The sunset from this beach is a sight to behold. From kids’ activities to scuba diving and sun bathing, there is something for everyone.

AL BALAD – “Balad” meaning city, is a historical centre in Jeddah, the bride of the sea. Al Balad is a world heritage site where you will see historical coral buildings.

FAKIEH AQUARIUM – An amazing aquarium it is home to about 200 species of sharks, sea lions, dolphins, groupies, sea horses, sea dragons and sea lions to name a few. The aquarium has three attractions for visitors – an indoor aquarium, an outdoor café and a live sea lion/dolphin show. The fish tunnel is the favourite for everyone, where you can see fish of all colours and sizes and swimming around and over you.

MAKKAH GATE – Also known as the Quran Gate, it is one of the oldest structures in Jeddah. Designed in 1979, it is an elegant representation of the Holy Quran, resting on a bookstand. The gate is the official entrance to Medina, and Mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed.

SOUQ AL ALAWI – Located in the heart of the old city, Souq Al Alawi is one of the oldest markets around. If you are looking for genuine Arabic jewellery, traditional dresses and Islamic art, then Souq Al Alawi is the place for you.

THE RED SEA MALL – No visit to Jeddah is complete if you do not visit the largest shopping mall In jeddah, the Red Sea mall. This mall has not got the tag of The Largest Shopping Mall In Jeddah for no reason. It has a built area of 242, 200 square metres and has the largest glass covered area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a variety of shops, kids’ entertainment area, and various eateries and once upon a time it had the biggest indoor fountain in Saudi Arabia. It is also home to the five star Elaf Jeddah. This mall is an ideal venue for all age groups and mostly for the shopaholics.

Now that you know how wonderful Jeddah is, what’s stopping you booking your holiday to Jeddah? Get to your travel agent today and plan the holiday of your lifetime.

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