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The Car Sharing Iphone App Script - Changing The Way We Travel

These car sharing and ride sharing services allows a rider to make easy transport arrangements just by clicking on the smart phone application like car sharing iPhone app script.
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The future of the automobile industry is being transformed with the new inventions using computer and sensory technology. The merger of these two technologies has given birth to new opportunities in the commuting industry , making driving an easy, safe and pleasurable experience. Ride booking and car sharing services, driven by smart technology, are changing the way we travel, whether it is to and from the airport, work or shopping. These car sharing and ride sharing services allows a rider to make easy transport arrangements just by clicking on the smart phone application like car sharing iPhone app script.


Ride sharing, also known as on-demand ride sharing or dynamic carpooling is a service whereby a rider can arrange a ride with a driver who is travelling in a similar direction and has empty seats. This service is available on demand and is therefore very popular for all the users.

This concept is reliant on three smart technologies:

  1. GPS navigation device which helps to determine the driver’s route in order to facilitate the ride share

  2. Smartphone which will help a rider to request a ride from wherever they are

  3. Social networks which help to establish trust and accountability between the two parties involved in the ride share i.e. the rider and the driver

All these technologies are co-ordinated via a network service, which also handles the driver payments as well as matches rides using an optimised algorithm.


  1. Unlike the conventional taxi service, ridesharing apps are not limited to hot spots. You can use their services whenever and wherever as long as you have smart phone and an internet connection. You can even get a ride in areas which are not frequented by regular taxis.

  2. Some of these apps come with the facility that enables you to track the progress of your ride as you wait for it. This feature has therefore eliminated the need for long waits- which were the pet hate of any rider. The rider using this app knows the exact location of the driver.

  3. These apps offer the rider to choose the drivers they feel are most suitable for the ride. When you input your details, you will get a list of all the available drivers in your vicinity. You can also select a vehicle of your choice thereby making your ride comfortable.

  4. One of the most common complaints from commuters using the taxis are the prices. This is because quite a few drivers do not work on the meter and charge whatever they feel like. Rates provided by ride sharing apps are very reasonable compared to the conventional taxis. Ride sharing has thereby eliminated some issues along with cases of meter tampering. The facility to get an estimated rate before you even book the ride helps travelers to budget their travelling cost.

  5. The travel cost of every rider, including the driver is cut tremendously. This is probably one of the reasons why the ride sharing concept is so popular. The more the number of passengers, the lower the travelling costs. A small price to pay for sacrificing your comfort and privacy whilst saving money.

  6. Ride sharing apps have created employment for a lot of people throughout the world. Anyone looking to earn a living or even make extra money on top of the existing earnings can register with the owner of the app who will Buy Ride Sharing iPhone App Clone and avail themselves to work as a driver whenever they are free. This way they make money toward supporting themselves and their vehicle’s maintenance costs and are also recovered along with its fuel costs. The drivers can also offer rides when they are going to do their own personal stuff like the post office, supermarkets etc.


It is a known fact that ride sharing is definitely the option preferred by the majority of the global population and that it is here to stay. The introduction of the driverless car does not mean that you cannot ride share in it – you can, just that there will be no drivers, just passengers! Why not invest in this app and make it your business of the future? For every ride booked through your app, you will get a commission. With the number of ride sharers increasing by the day, this commission will amount to millions in a very short time. Go on, take that step to make this world a better place to live.

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