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Cab booking in the palm of your hands

Lyft is a taxi booking system that works on Uber technology. Launched in San Francisco, it too has become popular and created a niche for itself.
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Uber gets a lot of credit for opening up many new avenues, not only in the taxi industry but other service industries too. I am sure when it was first launched by its owners; they did not even for one minute think that their simple idea that was conceived one winter evening in Paris would be worth millions. Not only is the idea worth millions, it has opened up several projects throughout the world that are today worth millions themselves. These million dollar projects are clones of the original concept. All these projects have created employment for millions throughout the world and have also created entrepreneurs who want to run a clean and quick business to earn easy money.

June 2012 saw the birth of Lyft, its proud owners, Logan Green and John Zimmer. Lyft is a taxi booking system that works on Uber technology. Launched in San Francisco, it too has become popular and created a niche for itself.


The success of Uber and now Lyft has given ideas to developers to clone them such that normal people, cab operators as well as budding entrepreneurs can afford them and think about launching their own Lyft. Hence the introductions of the lyft iphone app clone.


Basically it is a system that allows easy management of your taxi business. It is said to be a ready solution to modernize your taxi business. Its workings are simple for all concerned i.e. the drivers, the riders and the owners of the app, taxi business or admin. For riders it is an app that allows them to book a taxi from anywhere on their smart phones. For drivers, it is app that allows them to pick riders who are looking for a lift and for the owners, or the admin it is a smart technology that makes taxi booking easier whilst making them a lot of money with little expenditure.

Riders looking for a lift simply have to input their details like date and time they want the ride, destination, type of car, number of passengers etc. and browse through the list of available taxis that will turn up on their screen. They can check each driver out by reading their profile, looking at their picture, reading the ratings and reviews given by other riders etc and pick the one that they feel is best suited to drive them to their destination.

The chosen driver will get a text as well as email notification of the booking, which he needs to confirm too by clicking on the app. At the designated date and time, the driver will make his way to the pickup point and pick the rider and drive him to his destination.

Once the ride is over, the driver and passenger indicate the same on the app and payment will automatically be deducted from the client’s payment card. The driver as well as the rider can rate and review each other.

The use of smart technology has ensured that the rider can track his taxi making its way to the pickup point. The same technology is responsible for ensuring the driver can locate the passenger’s pickup point and get them to their destination in the least possible time.


So how is the Lyft Android App Script beneficial to taxi companies and the owners? The first and foremost point to note is the ease with which a driver can easily get a ride without roaming the streets looking for passengers. All they will need to do is log onto the app and wait. Riders will find them using their apps. Drivers find the system very easy because they get everything listed on the app – the location, the time of pick up, the destination, as well as the contact details of the riders.

This information can later be used for analyzing the busy months of the year, or which are hotspots. This information will help to generate more revenue for the cab companies and app owners. The owners of the app get a commission for every ride that is booked through the app. When you see the word “commission” the mental image shows a pitiful amount. However it is not. Each and every commission builds to make a big money pot.

Anyone looking to venture into this business, just do it – a onetime small investment that will bring returns forever.

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