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How Sex relieves Stress and makes you happier

Sex is stress reliever. Good relationships offset tension. When you have sex, you release feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and endorphins. In simple words, sex eases anger.
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Hundreds of tests and experiments have shown that Sex is a great stress reliever and allows human brains to relax and stay calm. In today's fast - paced life couples get less time to ease out on the bed. The fast-pace life and materialistic desire and needs to lead a good life requires one to make substantial income and ensure all requirements of life.

It has been noted that couples engaged and engrossed in day to day activities of jobs and businesses often forget to give quality time their partners and spouses. The major reason why we have so many escorts services opening up along with massage parlours.

Physical touch and sexual activities allow release of oxytocin hormones :

  • frequent hugs between partners associated with lower blood pressure and more oxytocin
  • touch and psychological support are health-promoting due to increased oxytocin
  • oxytocin strongly protects organs from damage due to blood infection
  • kissing may have positive implications those with allergies
  • oxytocin speeds wound healing and reduces pain
  • oxytocin counters addiction and soothes withdrawal symptoms
  • massage aids detoxification for alcohol, oxytocin rises during massage
  • oxytocin positively affects health and counteracts stress
  • oxytocin reduces anxiety and stress
  • less oxytocin results in more aggression and less caring
  • oxytocin regulates cell proliferation and inhibits breast and prostate cancer
  • oxytocin increases the receptivity of females
  • oxytocin imbalance may underlie impotence and alleviate erectile dysfunction
  • patients with autism and psychiatric disorders improve with increased oxytocin levels
  • oxytocin involved in learning and memory


As an example of the benefits of healthy sex von Urban mentions the following case. At a neuro-psychiatric conference he presented a difficult case cured with his Perfect Sex method within 8 weeks of high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and inability to work. A leading expert doubted that a change in sexual practices could have normalized high blood pressure. Von Urban asked this expert to send him his most difficult and hopeless case. Ten days after seeing the patient his blood pressure was almost normal.

Von Urban also presents the case of a young woman who had been diagnosed as schizophrenic, temporarily institutionalized and treated with electric shock. A few weeks after changing sexual habits she became and remained completely ‘normal’.

Considering the vast amount of hypertension, mental and other stress-related conditions in our society, and that von Urban demonstrated the effectiveness of his method only 60 years ago, I do not expect to see it discussed in medical journals or the mass-media any time soon.

I do not want to imply that sexual energy is the only factor causing or curing the discussed diseases, rather there are usually several factors coming together, and if one of them is changed from being detrimental to being beneficial, then this can be sufficient to overcome the health problem.

Furthermore, most of those with a chronic disease, and especially cancer, are emotionally rather fragile, and benefit greatly from a close-bonding loving relationship to elevate oxytocin. This is also beneficial with heart disease and mental-emotional conditions, such as depression and addictions.

High levels of testosterone are a negative factor with prostate cancer, and high estrogen levels with most breast cancers. But when we are in love (or create a feeling of love with increased oxytocin), levels of sex hormone in both genders become more like each other. Males become less aggressive, gentler and more spiritual, while females produce more testosterone to make them bolder and balance excessive estrogen levels.

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