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15 Great Sites for Social Studies Class

To learn and understand social studies from websites is easy and interesting for more details and features develop an interest in students to learn.
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A social study is perceived as a tough subject by most of the students. But it can be learned in more interesting ways with the help of different websites. Social studies can be made interesting by visiting different websites with detailed information and diagrams enhance the interest and comprehension. There are thousands of sites with the relative importance of the social study. Different countries have histories and physical features which can be learned by getting pictures and videos from these websites.

15 great sites for social study class are discussed here.

This website is about the Mary Ann Shadd Cary House, where Mary Ann, a notable activist, lawyer, and educator, lived and it is famous because she has fought against injustice and for freedom for the rights of her community of African ancestor migrants.


This website contains a combination of footages and photos, video clips, and images of historical places.


This website has different tabs on various topics like world history, civil war, revolutionary war, maps, landforms and many topics related to social studies.


This website is specifically devised for kids. Kids can get information about different continents in detail.


This website is useful for college level students. Detailed information on Wars, maps, and landforms etc. are available.


This website has content related to the history of people.


This website has information about different countries, law, geography, ancient cultures, women’s history and the world’s history.

This website contains historical perspectives, pictures, detailed articles and about 1500 maps. Students can get the desired information on different maps.


This website has different quizzes related to social studies. It is useful to understand the information and details of the social study.


This website contains the detailed account of the Field Museum, located in Chicago.


This website contains information about the history of the world in detail. The images can be saved and can be used in different presentations and projects of social studies.


This website contains information on natural resources for 5th graders. Kids will find it interactive and interesting website.


This website has all the social study’s information regarding the U.S. States, capitals, elections and a wide range of topics.


This website is created by CIA, and it contains details and information of world’s facts. Interesting and historical facts are listed on this website.


This website contains relative information on geography, maps, history and facts. It is useful for kids.

The websites discussed here are the pertinent source of information for social studies class. Students from elementary to college levels can collect various facts, images, and videos related to maps, geography, and continents of the world. Visual images and videos help to understand in more detail and students feel compatible with the said subject. Pictorial representation of places, locations, and maps make the social study more interesting and students can also develop an interest by visiting these websites.

Author’s Bio: Tia Shaw, is an Archeologist, and a writer. She is a noticeable blogger with the craving to give educators and empowering data in all circumstances. She is a Blogger, Content essayist, Writing Help By Assignment Empire, an Academic researcher.

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