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10 Best French Learning Websites Students Must Visit

This article provides information on best French websites for learning French. People from any culture can learn basics of French from recommended websites.
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  1. Learn French Lab

The Learn French Lab is one of the best’s websites for beginners who require a little information to back what they already know. It is a very useful website provides high-level information on basic and complex grammar structure. All you need to do is click on a list of topics that frequently cause problems; it lets learners learn the adjective usage and then review what you already know. The advanced and fluent learners can uphold their learned skills.

  1. Le Point du FLE

It is a reliable source for French teachers, but even if you are a learner, you have come to the right website. Teachers and students can use the source to enhance their skills.  The website provides lesson plans and activities for practice, so you can practice what you have learned. Multiple new activities will let learners enjoy their learning process instead of same repeated textbook activities.

  1. Francais interactive

The Francais interactive provides amusing and fleeting dialogues to exemplify structure points. Students can get moderate to proficient level skills with the help of exercises provided by the source. Its worldwide users share their experience through music and videos.



  1. Bonjour de France

It is a useful website for learning French; the source is helpful for all levels, containing exercises, grammar lessons and practice of what you learn. The source utilizes a European scale of French level, for getting admission in a French University at least B2 level is required. Before you enroll for a French Class in Europe, you can know your level on the scale of French level.

  1. FluentU French

It is worth mentioning that the FluentU French is one of the top websites for learning the French language. The source offers real world French videos to guide you in learning the language.  The provided content includes movie trailer, music videos, and inspiring conversations. With the help of this website, you can be proficient in French vocabulary and grammar.

  1. Blagues Carambar

The Blagues Carambar is an outstanding platform for the beginner; the website has designed activities and lessons so you can learn how to add a sense of humor in the French language. The humor is as important as the French language itself, so you can use the website to access.

  1. Se Coucher Moines Bête

The website offers an app and making it easy to access information and daily lessons rapidly. Either you’re in a coffee shop, restaurant or college you can always get material through the Se Coucher Moines Bête’s app.

  1. Les Guignols

The Les Guignols is the people’s favorite source because it adds comedic news shows as well. In the show, they define recent news stories you can also check them in your language and understand its meaning.

  1. Vie de merde

If you want to learn modern French, you must not forget Vie de merde website. You can get latest French idioms and slangs to boost your learning ability and speaking skills. It’s not a website for practice, but you can learn only modern slangs.


  1. Le Canard enchainé

Le Canard enchain is the perfect website for advanced French learners with a purpose to improve their French language. It also provides the opportunity to practice with native French speakers about current affairs.


Author Bio The author, Sharlyn William is French teacher. and also do online assignment help uk to student. She have over 5 year experience in writing.

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