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The 5 Myths about Online Higher Education Examines

Online education may be the talk of the town today yet, people are still skeptical about its relevancy and authenticity.
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The idea of online education has rapidly grown over the last two decades. Before that, education could only be achieved on-campus and by the elite class. Today, online education has eradicated this stereotype by making learning easily accessible by anyone and everyone.

However, the conduct of online education is still questioned by some. This is because they no idea about what goes around behind the scenes. They simply believe the whispers on the street.

Today, we will reveal the 5 myths about online higher education that have been murmured about for quite some time now.

1.     It is for the old and housewives.

A lot of people quite literally believe that online education is for the old and housewives who couldn’t pursue their education any other way. This mythical belief has been around for quite some time. Although, it is true that adults select online education if they ever decide to pursue an educational career in the future, this isn’t always the case. You would be surprised to see how many full-time young students decide to pursue online education because of its flexibility and budget-friendliness.

2.     It is too budget-friendly

Speaking of online education being accessible, one of the most common myths is that it is extremely budget friendly. Yes, no doubt it is, but its cost-efficiency has been so exaggerated that some people consider it to be almost free. That definitely isn’t the case.

3.     It is only meant for some programs

A different common mythical belief is that online education is restricted only for education and teaching graduate programs. According to studies, in the last two years business graduate program was opted by 28% of online students. The survey showed an increase in the field of engineering from 9 % to 20%. However, the field of education and teaching faced a decline from 22% to 14% which dissolves the basic establishment of this myth.

4.     It eradicates the need for campus or contact

It is true that students enrolled in online programs can study from anywhere they feel like. Online education is extremely feasible, flexible and achievable within students’ comfort zones. Yet, according to studies, it was noticed that more than 70% of the students visited their campus during events and festivals. It was also noticed that online students arranged in-person meetings with their virtual friends.

5.     It is the last resort

A lot of adults perceive online education as a means of last resort as the myth suggests online students have no goals or ambitions. However, online education offers niche courses, rarely available on-campus. You will be surprised to see the number of academically well-performing students who are enrolled in online schools. Even the employers today consider online and tradition education as equals.

Myths are just myths- these are the rumors spread to discourage students from pursuing online education that can actually prove to be just as beneficial as traditional methods of education.

Now that everything is settled, I wish you all happy online learning!

Author Bio:

Written by Georgina Williams, a leading educational expert. He has 7 years of experience and he also gives lectures in different well known universities and provides Cheap Paper Writing Service by Paper Dome to their students. For more you can follow him on facebook and twitter.

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