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Spectrum Internet has Speeds for Everyone

If you’re looking for 60 Mbps download speed Spectrum Internet is worth checking out.
Views: 793 Created 04/05/2017

If you’re looking for an Internet service provider that offers fantastic speeds, you don’t need to look beyond Spectrum Internet from Charter. Spectrum Internet offers service unlike other ISPs. You don’t pay extra for any equipment with their basic internet plan starting at 60 Mbps. You don’t sign any contract either, so you’re not locked into a one- or two-year service agreement with them.

High Speed Internet

Spectrum Internet from Charter gets you faster speeds, virus detection with Security Suite with no data caps whatsoever. You get fastest Internet speeds starting at 60 Mbps with enough bandwidth to support all your devices. With Spectrum Internet you get the fastest speeds you can expect. Stream videos, movies, play games online, listen to your favorite music, download and upload photos and more on all your PC, laptop, tablet and phone all over your house with no drop in connectivity. Not only do you get all that you also get speeds that are 20x faster than DSL. That means you can stay connected on all your devices all at once, all over the house, any time. When you sign up with them you also get Spectrum’s fastest and most powerful in-home Wi-Fi delivering enough speed and range to stream, game, and upload seamlessly on all the devices in your home. With that you also get 24x7 dedicated technical support. Their staff is always available to assist you with your account or connectivity issue. The best part, there is no contract to sign and the plan comes with 30-day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. Even Charter’s basic Internet plan is pretty impressive - it has high speeds and doesn’t require a contract.

Security Suite

Stay safe online when you browse and save even more with their Security Suite included at no extra cost with Charter Spectrum Internet. The system will always be on the look out to keep your online environment safe from threats like viruses, spyware and hackers, etc. Keep spam and hackers away from your inbox protection. The service even comes with parental controls to help you block access to unwanted websites by age level, category, and time of day. There’s coverage for the whole family with installation on up to 10 computers.

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