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Best hospital for Kidney Transplant in India

Suffering from kidney diseases? Don’t waste time thinking; what went wrong? The damage is done. Is there any use crying over split milk? Honestly no.
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Suffering from kidney diseases? Don’t waste time thinking; what went wrong? The damage is done. Is there any use crying over split milk? Honestly no. The only wise thing to do, that too very fast is looking for the Best hospital for Kidney Transplant in India. No, it doesn’t mean you need a transplant straight away. But this is the right place to get properly diagnosed and get registered for a kidney transplant if at all required. You hate drinking unfiltered tea or coffee; you cannot enjoy the taste; Just imagine how your body feels when the blood filter, the kidney, stops working and the blood is left with all the liquid waste in it. Horrible! Impure blood could make the total body sick. Believe it; kidney diseases no matter at what stage initial, chronic or ends stage is an emergency. Initial stage kidney disease is dangerously a slow poison. Are you comfortable taking slow poison in very small dose? Obviously, no one is. One of the main concern for the rise in kidney diseases is very few people go for a preventive health check up in our country so kidney diseases are detected when quite late. Please run to the Best Kidney Transplant surgeons in Delhi working in the Kidney Transplant in India at the first doubt of kidney disease.

The only precaution you should take is to look for a very reputed kidney transplant hospital. The surgeon will do,first of all, conduct various tests like: -

  • Blood tests. To find out kidney is filtering blood properly or not.
  • Imaging test. To check if there is any tumor, stone cancer infection in the kidney.
  • To decide the type and extent of infection.
  • Urine test. To find out what your kidney is removing from the blood and also how much urine is being filtered out in 24 hours.

Then only a treatment plan is designed. If the transplant is required in near future or soon,pre- transplant tests are done.

  • Blood test to ascertain your blood type.
  • Blood typing.
  • Tissue typing.
  • CT scan of the kidney for a clear view.

The donor also has to go through these tests because the search is for a healthy kidney first of all. Then the kidney should be acceptable to the receiver body. It is clear by now that the expertise of the surgeon, infrastructure of the hospital, the experience and attitude of the surgeons, the medical ethics followed by the hospital is very important.

Considering the above facts Saroj Super Speciality of Delhi, which is one of the Kidney Transplant in India where you will find the Best Kidney Transplant surgeons in India will be the right and best choice.

Let us find out some more.  Saroj Hospital is nearly 20 years old. It is a super specialty hospital. It is NABH and NABL approved. It is an ISO certified organization. It is famous for latest and best multi-organ transplant facilities. It is equipped with all the sophisticated equipment's like High definition endoscope, ultra fast multi-slice CT scan, Robotic surgery, etc. and most importantly a very positive patient response.

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