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Future of Twitter in Social Media by Hashtagit

With 500 million downloads, twitter absolutely is a platform where people get to know what is actually happening in the world.
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With 500 million downloads, twitter absolutely is a platform where people get to know what is actually happening in the world. You can actually get to know what is being talked about or about what people are excited through just a flow of hundred-and-forty-character tweets.  

Twitter has revolutionized the world of social media in a mesmerized way. The 140 characters, memes and graphic images connect well with the people who all are a part of this world. Social media marketing through twitter is something which brands are investing on to reach to millions of people at the same time. It definitely became a favorite platform to express, explore and get to know what is happening around you.

Last summer after the resignation of resignation of the C.E.O., Dick Costo, a lot of questions about the company’s survival uprooted. Later, the company reappointed its co-founder, the Silicon Valley wunderkind Jack Dorsey. This gave a direct message to the world that Twitter could find its focus. Now, the million dollar question here is about the existence of the company. Though, the company has shown 11% growth in active users’ base but still it has countless dedicated users.

What actually been rumored about twitter?

Is it going to be sold out? What changes will happen after it is sold? Will it flourish or people will lose interest in future?

A lot of rumors surfaced about this application about its jittery future, growth and survival plan. People who love twitter have been going through a brainstorming session about the platform’s existence. It was also rumored that twitter is looking suitors but due to lack of any, it lost the hope of being sold out. Experts have been talking about its stagnant user base which raised questions about its future plans.

If you are a twitter fan then you do not have to worry about its survival plan is that it is still going strong. The latest twitter marketing promotional events and trends show that the application is still on its way to survive for a long period in the social media category. It still has a long list of dedicated users who follow and use it religiously.

Recently, New twitter CEO stated that “there is no need for a radical overhaul of the core product looks like a mistake. Twitter has a loyal base of users—probably around 20m-40m—who adore the service and want only minor tweaks.”

What future hold for Twitter in social media world?

We cannot predict about the future aspects of Twitter now but its directness and stream of short messages is the powerhouse. You can literally get yourself engaged in it for very strong messages and trends. Yes, there is no doubt that the company need to improve on the way or path they will chose to apply changes for the users so that bigger audience or users are reached within short span of time.

Twitter is undoubtedly a powerful and unavoidable platform.

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