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Cylinder or Rotary Lawn Mowers; which one to go for?

Advantages of the efficient lawn mower are several. These can be used anytime. On the market, there is a huge variety of cordless lawn mowers.
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There are two types of Lawn Mowers, one is the cylinder one and the other one is the rotary one.

Cylinder Lawn Mowers;

If you choose to have a cylinder one, also known as the reel mower then your lawn mower will have around 5 to 12 blades attached at the front of the mower.  It cuts the grass like someone is cutting it with a pair of scissors. It has a plate attached to its bottom, against its blade and it slices the grass. If you want a better cut of the grass then it is always better to have more blades.  While you are cutting the grass with this cylinder grass mower, you do not have to worry about the mess. There is a box attached at the front of the lawn mower, and it collects all the grass that has been cut with this lawn mower. It is not a really big one, but you can empty it and then start cutting your grass again. In this manner, no mess will be made either. For more information visit: http://thesuppermart.com/.

This type of lawn mower is best if you need to cut low or short cut grass, it is not best to cut long grass. If you own this lawn mower then you need to cut the grass twice a week, or at least once a week, so that it gives a good cut to the grass.  The supper mart comparing product features for easy to decide to get a mower for your lawn. If you own a cylinder lawn mower then you need to change its blades and adjust them to maintain the quality of the cut, if it do not get changed then it can straight away go blunt and will be of no use.

Rotary Lawn Mowers;

The rotary lawn mowers also have blades beneath them, though they rotate on a very high speed as compared to the cylinder lawn mowers. This lawn mower chops the grass, due to its high speed.

Most of the rotary lawn mowers have a grass box behind them though few of them have a primary grass box. They are not best for short cut grass, but they are perfect for medium to high cut grass.

If you own a rotary lawn mower then you do not have to cut grass every once a week, you can do it easily once twice a week and it will still give a good cut as it works fine for long grass.

Rotary lawn mowers cost a little bit more than the cylinder lawn mowers but their quality of cut is way superior and better than the cylinder one. Plus they do not need a lot of maintenance as well.

So, if you need to cut short cut grass and you have to spend less money then you should go for cylinder lawn mower TheSupperMart, but it are looking for a long term investment and you need to cut long grass then you should definitely go for the rotary lawn mower.

So, it totally depends on you that which lawn mower suits you the best.

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