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What is the difference between black money and white money?

White money is the money that makes after paying taxes according to the government rules.
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White money is the earning that makes after paying taxes according to the government rules. Generally, it keeps in the bank accounts and uses different methods for people’s needs. Conversely, black money is earned using unfair means kickbacks, by corruption, bribes and some other illegal ways. There is one major difference between white and black money is that black money does not circulate and reinvested in the financial system for fruitful aims. In addition, White money is the money that is earned by legal ways and saved after paying taxes to the concern departments.

Black Money and White Money

The white money makes the apparent layer between the individual’s returns and the administration. Even though, the white money is accounted to the government that can oblige the tax for those funds. In addition, Black money doesn’t acquire circulated and remains in the control of the person who receives it and thus troubles the financial system because it does not use for productive purposes. Therefore, the Income tax law treats unaccounted income as black money and if you have any unexplained money then it will be treated as the black money. On the other hand, if you have earned money and have a legal source of revenue, clarification and proof then you do not need to worry about any notice, inspection or legal action against you.

In creating or dealing with black money, the law of the property is violated at all the stages. Every procedure that attracts criminals is punished by illegal rules. Moreover, the money generated by legal economic action or earned through selling goods or services is well accounted and reported to the particular authorities is white money. The money generated by legal economic action or selling of goods & services but not accounted in the financial records of the owner to save income tax or is also called black money.

There are many established white money club that makes life easier of the businessmen. There are lots of important functions that require being performed properly, professionally and sequentially to run a business successfully. Therefore, white money taxes are paid and accounted. Anything in control according to the regulation and officially accepted is white. On the other hand, black money is the money where taxes have not been paid and is unaccounted. Thus anything against the regulation and unlawful is considered black money.

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