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Deck the walls: interior decorating tips for the most often overlooked space

When homeowners redecorate without consulting a professional decorator
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When homeowners redecorate without consulting a professional decorator, the walls don’t get as much attention as the rest of the home. Good design principles for the walls in your home is crucial. Here are a few tips that homeowners should keep in mind.

  •     Create a gallery wall. Have a large, bare wall that needs to be filled. A gallery wall is a great alternative to a single large piece of artwork. You can collect a series of smaller photographs or pieces of art that share thematic elements. Another option is to display family photographs. Avoid the tendency to fill up every bit of blank space. Empty space is a crucial design principle. If you have too many photos of pieces of art and not enough room, do as an actual art gallery would and occasionally swap out pieces.

  •     Formal vs. casual. If you prefer a more formal look when it comes to interior decorating, try to create symmetry. You might have two photographs, paintings, or mirrors of the exact same size flanking a larger piece. For a more casual look, try to make the arrangement look random. Stagger pieces in such a way that looks appealing but doesn’t have any sense of order to it.

  •     Uniformity is not your friend. Whether you go for a more formal or casual look, you want to adopt an eclectic style. Use frames of different materials and different shapes, even if the content within them share thematic elements. Mirrors can be artwork in their own right so don’t be afraid to use them liberally in decorating your walls. If you’re really feeling daring, you can incorporate tapestries, large clocks, quilts, calendar pages, and even wrapping paper into your wall décor.

  •     Pay attention to scale. Items that are too small for a space will be ignored while a piece that is too large will overwhelm other design elements in the space. Make sure you’re not hanging piece too high or too low. Everything should be at a comfortable viewing angle for a person of average height.

  •     Cover baseboard radiators. If you have a home that’s heating by baseboard radiators, these can distract from your otherwise attractive wall décor. You can purchase snap-on baseboard radiator covers for them that are easy to install.

  •     Let your wall décor reflect your personality. Above all, don’t worry too much about what others might think of your taste in wall décor. What matters most is that it reflects your personality and makes you happy.

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Source: lancasteronline.  com/springhomes/deck-your-walls-with-great-decor/article_8d570dec-1bbd-11e7-afd0-bfadabc753b1.html

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