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Tech Startup Trends That Will Be Big In 2017

Experts think that startups in artificial intelligence, chatbots, cybersecurity, and VR would be the hottest trend in 2017.
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1. AI

From SIRI to self-driving cars, AI has grown rapidly. The major benefit of AI is that it replicates decision and actions of human shortcoming. The machines that are driven by AI technology can perform repetitious tasks without getting tired. Companies can get consistent performance across multiple AI machines as compared to several human workers.

A lot of companies invested in making tech smarter using AI to transform the business processes in 2016. More companies would be making investments in AI technology in 2017. Several universities have started offering courses in AI. They have been educating students about the AI’s possibilities. With the growing number of companies needing AI, it can be estimated that millions of jobs will be created in this sector.

AI will play a major role in cybersecurity in 2017. Many people having cybersecurity skills can fill the available jobs. Around 1 million cybersecurity jobs are unfilled worldwide. The job openings will increase five times by 2020. Startups would focus on AI systems being taught by humans, and on the other hand, human experts can be taught by AI systems.

AI would be used by enterprises to learn the customers’ trends, patterns, and build automation for enhancing efficiency. It will also help employees be more intelligent in their work in the coming years.

2.Chatbot startups

Chatbots are the automated services that are capable of interacting with and provide information to the humans. Enterprises make use of chatbots to provide information through a chat interface. AI is a popular technology that helps to make chatbots mainstream. Chatbots had taken a center stage in 2016 and we can expect the same in 2017.

Businesses all over the world will look to chatbots to reduce their expenditure on customer service, financial, and insurance service representatives. By the end of 2020, more than 85 percent of customer interactions will take place through chatbots.

FaceBook is dominant messaging platform, but WhatsApp, WeChat, and other messaging platforms would leverage chatbot innovation and stay competitive in the industry. Chatbots would be incorporated with the companies’ backend systems and would change the way consumers communicate with businesses.

3.Cybersecurity startup

Security is complex and difficult to manage. Enterprises invest a lot of money in security products. Most of the companies do not get enough value from the technologies. Cybersecurity has been in the news since 2016. Industry experts believe that cybersecurity space would observe a continued growth in 2017.

The emergence of new payment methods gives rise to security threats. Cybersecurity will be a most for all the enterprises that use financial applications. 2017 will witness a lot of managed security service providers. They would help organizations reduce the risk of security breach and secure their existing infrastructure.

4.Digital transformation and cloud

In 2017, we can expect enterprises to undergo a digital transformation. The adoption of cloud, mobile, big data and analytics is becoming popular. Enterprises of all size and shapes need to become “digital native” by altering the way employees think, what they create, and the way in which they carry out business operations.

Enterprises all over the world have been adopting third platform technologies and digital transformation to remain competitive. At the same time, the cloud will allow digital transformation. It is assumed that 67 percent of software ad IT infrastructure expenditure would be based on cloud-based technologies by the end of 2020. This means that every enterprise would offer cloud services to its own marketplace in the coming few years.

5.VR and AR for startups

After the popularity of the Pokémon Go, augmented reality (AR) has been on many people’s list. AR’s cousin Virtual Reality (VR) is also an exciting potential for several enterprises in 2017.

More and more companies would be experimenting with AR and VR in 2017. Interfaces play a major role in customer engagement and they’re being adopted by small and large enterprises than expected. AR / VR will widely be accepted by the masses by 2021.

VR will be adopted by a lot of startups to communicate with the in-house and remote employees. VR technology will help startups accommodate the remote workers and keep a track on their activities.

6. Increasing use of wearables

Use of wearable technology enhances the human life in several ways. Wearables are widely used for collecting real time data such as sleep, heart rate, activity levels, and much more. Wearable computing devices allow the users to go hands-free. Wearables can provide instant access to important data and make decision making easier.

Use of wearable devices provides access to company data anywhere. This helps the executives deliver great customer service. Companies that have already adopted wearables have found that their employees are motivated and better connected and in sync with business processes, fellow staff members, and customers. Such devices help to resolve the issues internally and externally to deliver great service.

7.Intelligent things

2017 will witness an increased use of Intelligent things. Intelligent machines and systems will be the hottest trend this year. Enterprises worldwide are looking to exploit AI and machine learning to automate their processes. Drones, autonomous cars, and smart appliances are some of the popular intelligent things that will become more popular in 2017 and coming years.

8.Everything “On Demand”

With brands like Uber, people are getting used to avail everything on-demand. In 2017, on demand business model will become a driving force for most startups. More focus will be laid on apps for booking rides, ordering food, and hotel bookings.

Even the non-technical entrepreneurs would be attracted to tech businesses in 2017. Let’s wait to see what changes does 2017 bring for the startup industry.

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