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Few Must Visit Destinations In Thailand

Spending few days in Thailand can bring the finest experience for the visitors.
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It will take advantages of exciting nightlife, natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and can find more ways to enrich their trip. To know more about the Thailand’s nightlife and destinations, visitors can download Boom Boom Hunt app. They can save time with the help of this application.

Here is the overview of best day tours in Thailand:

Floating Markets From Bangkok

Floating markets are one of the most amazing wonders of Thailand. These markets showcase local shopkeepers. They also display the reliance that the people of Thailand have on waterways. To take a tour of the markets of Damnoen Saduak along with a boat cruise would make the trip wonderful. Tourists will have the two-hour and comfortable journey to these markets from Bangkok. For so many years, these markets are the primary place for the residents where they trade and shop.

It is possible for the locals to live and shop above water because of the stilt homes. These homes are standing on the water’s edge. Damnoen Saduak markets have become one of the major spots for the tourists. In these markets, tourists and local people board the long-tailed speed boats. These boats are designed to cross the floating markets and also keep travelers comfortable. Tourists can zip inspect the marshes, get the unique history of that area and admire the stilt homes on the edge of the water. They have chances to explore those markets by themselves. They can do shopping and bargaining for the things like fresh produce and handcrafted souvenirs.

Visitors also have an option of the smaller ride in local boats through canals. They can see the traditional shopkeepers that are selling their pottery from boats. While returning to Bangkok, they can admire the environment of rural Thailand and compare their purchases with others in the group.     

Phi Phi Islands

The next trip is from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands. Phuket is a beautiful destination. It has a lot of beaches that have amazing scenery. But it is not the only place with these type of beaches. 25 miles across the famous Andaman Sea, there are Phi Phi Islands. These islands are famous for their breathtaking scenery that make it a perfect destination for a day for beauty, fun, and exploration.

From Phuket, tourists can board a speedboat. It will take them to the Phi Phi Islands. This speedboat is faster than the other common alternatives. After arriving at the Island, they can pick any guided tour. It will help them to explore the best of those Islands in one day. They can begin at Maya Bay which is an Island of Phi Phi Ley. They can take pictures or swim in the warm, clear water. The next stop would be a secluded beach. It is said that this spot is exclusive and give unparalleled experience. Visitors can also watch the underwater life that is off the coast.

River Kwai Bridge

The next trip is from Bangkok to River Kwai along with Death Railway tour. Visitors can ride on the railway of Thailand-Burma, which is also known as Death Railway. Here, an infinite number of prisoners were ridden. This is a memorable and poignant experience. It gives a glimpse of the significant part of the history of Thailand. From Bangkok, visitors can board a coach and drive to the west in the town of Kanchanaburi. In this city, they can walk through the graves of dead soldiers from the World War II.

After that, visitors can tour the bridge over River Kwai. a long-tailed speed boat would take them to another side of the River Kwai. and they arrive at the infamous bridge. Then, tourists can ride the train that is known as Death Railway. This journey provides the beautiful scenic views.

Phang Nga Bay

The island of Phuket is a true treasure. They are the destination packed with incredible cuisine, never ending opportunities for recreation and beautiful beaches. Visitors can get to know these type of places more in Boom Boom Hunt app.

Here is given an exciting way to explore the island, canoe cave tour around Phang Nga Bay. It is located at the southernmost point of Phuket. The Phang Nga Bay is very famous for its beauty. Visitors will love to spend time here. This destination offers beautiful scenery and amazing landscape.

Visitors can get a professional guide for the tour. They have the chance to paddle through the water of Phang Nag Bay, venture through tunnels and sea caves. They can also dip into the water and swim in the secluded beaches. This Bay is a protected park now. With a guided tour, tourists can explore this region easily.

At Last,

A road trip in Thailand is a great decision to explore the nearby areas. There are many places to visit. There are feelings of hospitality and gratitude in the hearts of the Thai People. Both during the day and at night, there are pretty and amazing destinations just a few hours outside the urban area. From national parks to ancient city history, visitors can find every place in the well-known application- Boom Boom Hunt. It will help them to explore Thailand.  

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