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Perfect Pattaya Nightlife Guide For The Visitors

Visitors come to Pattaya to enjoy its world famous nightlife. They celebrate in a noisy and lively way in the bars and clubs that city offers them.
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Visitors come to Pattaya to enjoy its world famous nightlife. They celebrate in a noisy and lively way in the bars and clubs that city offers them. Most of the enjoyment and night time fun has centered around the beach road and the Walking street.

It is must for the visitors to experience the nightlife of the city. It doesn’t matter whether they are here for the weekend or have an extended stay there. This city also has the reputation for the Go-Go’s and girly bars, still, it is just one thing among the thousands that Pattaya has to offer. Here visitors will find everything they are looking for, whether they are expecting live music venues, world-class cuisine, expertly produced cocktails or cabaret shows. They should check out the Pattaya Nightlife Guide to know more about it.

Nightlife Places

The scenes in Pattaya has been split into few main areas with several little groups all over the city. Here are few nightlife places to explore in Pattaya. These will help the visitors to get the most out of their trip.

Walking Street

The center of the Pattaya’s party scene is the famous walking street. It stretches from the Bali Hai pier that is in the south to the Beach road in the north. This street is completely neon lighted. It is closed to the traffic from 6 pm up to dawn.

This mile long street of pure luxury and pleasure is the mecca for party people from all over the world. This place is lined with the mix of drinking bars, go-go bars, world-class nightclubs, live music venues and restaurants. Visitors should experience this amazing party wonderland.

Thousands of visitors and locals descend there to eat fresh seafood, watch street performers and enjoy some great live music acts. Even organized tours of Korean and Chinese tourists regularly walk down the streets to enjoy that environment.

2nd Road/Beach Road

The nightlife places along with Pattaya beach road is a collection of few evenly spaced of Soi. This is between Second road and Beach road. In Beach road itself, visitors will find wide options of Thai and international restaurants. Visitors also find a fine selection of restaurants and bars attached to large hotels that share this street like the hard Rock and the Marriott.

While planning the things to do at evening in Pattaya, visitors should consider spending some time walking along the beach road. It is a great way to have a relaxed evening sitting at beach front restaurants or bars and enjoying the pace.

One of the perfect places to spend an evening is the Pattaya beer garden. It is located at the southern end of the beach road. Here visitors can sit out over water and enjoy their drinks in the more relaxed atmosphere. If they are looking for both beach road nightlife and walking street, then Beach road is the best place to stay.

Nightlife Of Soi Buakhao

The LK Metro and Soi Buakhao are becoming the second treasure of Pattaya nightlife. It is located between the second and third roads. Previously, Soi Buakhao was not among the main tourist areas and only visited by the regular visitors and expats. Now it is frequently visited by first time visitors that are looking for an alternate option to enjoy Pattaya nightlife.

While looking for the things to do at late night, this place should be on the visitor’s list. They will find many small restaurants and beer bars. Moreover, the atmosphere is little more relaxed here. The bars are also busy from midday to almost 2 am. The area around Soi Buakhao & LK Metro has few great hotels from where visitors can enjoy the night.

Jomtien Nightlife

The nightlife of Jomtien is different from the central Pattaya nightlife. This place is the quieter way for the visitors to spend their evenings while living in Pattaya. The main place to enjoy the Jomtien nightlife started from the northern part of the Jomtien beach road and the Jomtien second road. To give a more relaxed time to the visitors is the main focus here. Visitors can choose cuisines from hundreds of restaurants and enjoy the little silence. 

At Last

A perfect Pattaya nightlife guide can help the visitors to explore Pattaya. They can easily enjoy the beautiful evenings of Pattaya and make the most of its nightlife. There are several places where they can stay and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. They can do many things at evening and also visit nearby places.

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