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Materials that are Banned for International Shipping

International shipping of household materials is often needed when you are moving to another country.
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International shipping is one of the most sought after services, especially for the people who are regularly on the move and change countries for business and work. However, international shipping is not as easy as local shipping and thus, there are rules and precautions that need to be followed for successful shipping assignment to be carried out.

Here, we discuss some of the main items that can not be shipped without special permission or provisions and are usually prohibited by national and international laws. The 5 things that are prohibited for international shipping and international moving of household goods re as follows-

  1. Dangerous substances such as gas cans and flammable materials

Such materials such as pressurized cans, flammable liquids as well as solids are strictly prohibited in international shipping, under all circumstances. Not even arms manufacturers are allowed to ship these materials in vulnerable state and thus you can never ship such materials in international shipping overseas to any country.

  1. Arms and ammunition

One of the major things banned in almost every country for international shipment is arms and ammunition. No arms and ammunition can be internationally shipped by any individual or organization unless special permission has been granted by both the nations involved. Under the internationally accepted shipping laws and rules, it is strictly prohibited to do so unless you are doing so on behalf of a defence company/agency.

  1. Money, jewellery, valuables

Money, jewellery and valuables should never be shipped internationally in containers or part of any other major shipments. Not that they can harm the handlers or any other officials, you should just make sure that the money and valuables are carried by yourself as the shipping company takes no guarantee of such money and valuables being shipped and thus once lost or damaged, they would solely be your responsibility.

  1. Perishable items

No perishable items like perishable food material or combustible material should ever be included in the shipment. If you are doing international shipping, you should certainly avoid all types of materials that would be vulnerable to fungal or viral attacks with time. Moving perishable or combustible items can cause major hazards to other shipments as well, apart from harming the shipping officials and workers.

  1. Important documents and papers

Important documents and papers should also not be sent from the international shipment container or parcels because they can be stolen or damaged and as they are fragile, their safety cannot be assured. Hence, it is better not to use shipping as one of the ways to send or move important documents and papers. It would be better if they are carried personally.

With that in mind, you can simply ship in any material you’d like to and in case of any queries for international shipping constraints or limits, you can always ask for assistance from some of the top shipping firms.

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