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The History Of Satta Matka:An Indian Online Gambling Game

Betting has been prevalent in India for several years.It has since become a common practice all over the country. Satta is essentially a derivative meaning of betting or lottery.
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Betting has been prevalent in India for several years. It has since become a common practice all over the country. Satta is essentially a derivative meaning of betting or lottery. If you frequent a gambling house then SattaMatka is not at all a new term for you.In fact, the online Matka game has become very prevalent among the people. The current form of SattaMatka came to be in the 1960's. Since then it has evolved with fewer changes in the rules of the game. Matka system gets its name from "Matka", which means earthen ports. The game basically involved numbers written on chits (piece of paper), which were drawn from the Matka. There would be three numbers drawn from the Matka to announce the winner. The gambling game of Satta originally involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. This game of betting has its origination since before the era of Indian Independence. In earlier days it was called as Ankara Jugar in
the Marathi language, meaning figures of gambling. The current system came into existence after 1960's when an earlier version of the game involved pulling numbers out of a Matka or dealing playing cards. Initially, this was carried out only for 5 days a week since they were following the New York wholesale market. The ever flourishing textile mills in and around Mumbai, saw many mill workers getting lured to MatkaSatta. This resulted in bookies opening their shops in and around the mill areas which were mainly located in Central Mumbai. Very soon Central Mumbai became the hub of Satta business. The Satta business was completely based on New York Cotton stock exchange. After its discontinuation in 1961, the Satta business gradually started declining. In order to continue the Satta business bookies came up with imaginary product openings and their closing rates were traded using the lottery. Soon the organizers and betting agents (known as punters) started drifting towards better opportunities of betting. During this time two very prominent names immersed in the SattaMatka business who became sole initiators of SattaMatka and managed the overall spread of Satta business in Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra. These names were Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat. In 1962 the WarliMatka was first introduced by KalyanjiBhagat. Born as a farmer in a distant village of Gujarat, Kalyanji Bhagat did odd jobs when he first came to Mumbai. In the 1960s, he was running a grocery shop from where he pioneered Matka gambling by accepting bets based on the opening and closing rates of cotton traded on the New York wholesale market. Operating from his own compound, he soon became a popular figure in the Satta business. Kalyanji'sMatka ran for all days the week. Ratan Khatri, also known as Matka King, controlled a nationwide gambling networks with international connections. In 1964, he introduced the New WorliMatka with few tweaks in the rules of the game. His Matka started from the bustling business hub of Dhanji Street in Mumbai betting on fluctuating cotton rates of New York exchange. Due to New York market's five-day a week schedule, regular better started to look for other options. Taking inspiration from this Khatri started drawing three cards to decide the winning number for the day. Khatri's Matka soon became very popular among the traders as it was considered more genuine. Khatri's Matka ran only for five days a week from Monday to Friday. The decades of the 1980s and 1990s saw huge growth in the SattaMatka business wherein large amount of money was involved. These were the years when SattaMatkaKalyan organization witnessed its biggest all-time peak in the gambling business. Betting volumes in excess of rupees 500 crores were laid in a single month, which was signed a huge business at that time. The Mumbai police's intensive crackdown on the Matka centers forced many KalyanMatka investors to move their Matka business to the outskirts of the city. Many even moved to other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Karnataka. With shutting down of all major Matka joints in the city and no major source of gambling left, gamblers started to look out for other means of betting. The punters soon turned to gambling opportunities on the Internet such as online gambling and Zhao at lotteries. During this time, millions of rich gamblers began to look for alternate methods of gambling and tread upon gambling through cricket matches. It soon became a huge trend in due course of time. According to a survey in1995, there were around 2000 bookies in the city conducting Matka system of betting before the ardent crack of the Mumbai police on these centers. But after the gambling business started to lose its charm of three decades of successful Matka business, there were merely 300 centers engaging in SattaMatka business in and around the city of Mumbai. The cult type following of the gamblers of SattaMatka business was so popular that it spread as an illegal gambling business network with international punters investing hordes of money in the business. Over time the SattaMatka business has changed with new rules introduced. It is still very much prevalent in parts of the country. Though, the Matka's are no more used for drawing numbers as well as the chips are also long gone. Instead, nowadays playing cards are drawn to select the winning number. Three cards are drawn to decide the day's winning number. Every day an imaginary number is selected twice a day, and the numbers are drawn with respect to the card. The SattaMatka numbers are in several sequences and are decided randomly by picking out playing cards in the presence of patrons. Now the SattaMatka results are declared twice every day, once in the afternoon and another in the night. The SattaMatka game is a well-organized and completely impartial game that is purely based on pure luck. There are many websites from where you can
play these games at the same time obtain tips and ideas on which numbers to bet on.

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