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Five essentials to a solid roofing system

The roof is so much more than the shingles or tiles that you can see from the ground.
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The roof is so much more than the shingles or tiles that you can see from the ground. A lot goes into a quality roofing system and if everything isn’t working or if an amateur installs it, there’s going to be problems. The following five things are essential to any roofing system that will be able to stand up against the elements for many years to come.

High quality materials

Not only do different materials have different lifespans, but various products of the same kind of material can have varying lifespans. Take asphalt shingles. They’re the least expensive roofing option but you can go with a standard three-tab with a 20 or 30 year rating, or you can spend a bit more for thicker, architectural shingles that have a 40, 50, or lifetime warranty. Other materials like metal or slate can last even longer.


Shingles or tiles can’t perfectly cover every square inch of the roof themselves. Metal flashing fills in the gaps around chimneys, skylights, and vents and also directs water down the valleys of the roof towards the rain gutters

Rain gutters

Without properly functioning rain gutters, water can pool up and damage the roofing materials. A good quality rain gutter system that is securely attached to the home is crucial.

Waterproof underlayer

No matter how well secured the shingles or tiles are, wind-driven rain and snowmelt can seep through a little. A waterproof underlayer is just one more layer of protection between the elements and your roof deck. It will prevent roof rot, mold, and leaks.

A qualified roofing company

A poor installation by a fly-by-night roofer voids any warranty that comes with the roofing materials so you need to hire a real professional. When looking for a Spokane roofing company, make sure you go with one that has an established reputation for high quality work and one that has a license and proof of insurance.

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Source: melrose. wickedlocal.com/news/20170616/at-home-with-stephanie-how-quality-roofing-systems-will-fortify-your-home

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