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6 Ways to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn as a tool for the job hunt is no longer something off-beat. People already know for a long time that social media can bring a lot of benefits.
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Summer is in full swing. Giving in to the job worries may seem as not the best idea to carry out. In reality, summer is a good time to spend on the updating the career means. They include a resume, cover letter, and social media profiles as well. Recent researches prove that at least more than a half recruiters take a look at the LinkedIn profile. That’s the reason behind the popularity of the Linkedin profile writing service reviews.

How It All Has Changed

A traditional approach to the job hunt has changed a lot. Sure, people still apply with the usual documents. But it would be unreasonable to deny the power of social media. It is useful not only for the personal life but also for the professional one. The networking boom gets in on the act. Half of the new workers get positions without the standard application approach. It means that they got referred or connected with the hiring manager. Guess what, a worthy of note LinkedIn profile gets you attention. In this article, you’ll find numerous pieces of advice on the creating an appealing personal page.

  1. Show Passion

People always tend to look for the people, who are passionate and enthusiastic about the business. These qualities are usually named as the soft skills. They are hard to be taught and learned. The good news is that they are integral to the human being in most of the times. It takes time and efforts to develop them but it’s absolutely possible. And recruiters today are very interested in the candidates with the package.

  1. Confirm With Facts

It’s easy to say that you’re passionate and motivated. The words are so overused and make the hiring managers’ mouth sore. They need to see facts to prove the statements. So don’t just talk about it, be illustrative. Give concrete examples of the achievements, especially when they go beyond the official duties.

  1. Learn How the Search Works

It‘s important to understand the mechanism in order to get it right. Otherwise, you won’t be found by the recruiters. The hiring managers search for the certain words and phrases - keywords. For example, when a recruiter wants to find a financial specialist, the key phrases could be “financial reporting” and “financial accountant”. Of course, you can add more if it’s needed. All of the words should be distributed on an even basis throughout the whole profile. Sections like a headline, summary, job title and education would be perfect. So what is the solution: review the job ads you want to apply for, choose several relevant keywords and incorporate them into the profile.

  1. Message Right From the Start

Use a tagline as it was meant to be used: as a valuable tool. It shouldn’t be wasted on the long, flowery sentences. Instead, keeping it short and sweet is a good strategy. The tagline has a potential to fulfill, simply express own passions and professional aspirations.

  1. Complete Profile

A plain yet first-class advice. The completed profile looks much more trustworthy than an abandoned one. Thus, there are higher chances of getting seen by the potential bosses. On top of that, it’s worth to note that people tend to seek for the details. They want to know exactly where you have worked and what have you done. A completed profile does it. LinkedIn is even more helpful, it offers tips on how to improve it. It’s great when you’re not sure about what things to change.

  1. Have a Network

Having a big network is a great back-up, it helps to create an attractive professional image. It hasn’t to be huge, 50 connections are enough.

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