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Air Duct Cleaning Tools for Professionals

Time to clean the air ducts and your ventilation system in general? Here are a few useful tools you can use.
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Nowadays we live in a dirty and polluted world, and the air we breathe every day is filled with various contaminants, which can seriously influence our lives and health. This is why almost every modern building needs to have a modern ventilation system which filters the air it lets inside the property. But after some time, even the most precise system will get clogged, unless you take a regular care of it. The common air duct contaminants are mould spores, dust, dust mites, dirt, pollen and other. They seriously lower the quality of the indoor air, so it's important to clean the ducts regularly to prevent it. You can easily rent out or buy duct cleaning equipment and tools, or if you don't have time for it, you can even hire a duct cleaning company. Here are some useful tools you can use to clean your ducts.

Brushes for duct cleaning. Every duct cleaning task involves duct cleaning brushes. They are the key ingredient, because they have long handles and very stiff bristles. These brushes are used by inserting them into the air ducts. They irritate the dust and the dirt, they remove pieces stuck to the sides of the duct, and they make it easier to wipe everything or vacuum it later. There are many various types of duct brushes, depending on your preferences and price range. Some of the duct brushes are simple and manually operated, and others are mechanical and they start rotating once they are inside the duct. The brushes are a little bigger that the ducts themselves, so the bristles can have full contact with the walls and clean all the dirt stuck to them. But if you don't want to spend lots of money, you can also get one of those long handles scrubbing brushes, which are usually used for scrubbing pans and pots. They will work for small amounts of dirt.

Duct vacuums. There are two general types of duct vacuums used by professional duct cleaning teams. The first type fits perfectly over the opening of the duct. Once turned on, it created a negative airflow inside the duct, which prevents all kinds of contaminants from getting inside the room. All the dirt gets sucked inside the vacuum safely and quickly. The second kind is a vacuum with a very long hose, which is being pushed through the ducts while it sucks in the dirt. The hose is flexible, so it can go even through turns. All the duct vacuums have a special HEPA filter, which doesn't allow any contaminations to enter the room.

Pressure washers. The pressure washing machines are also very effective for cleaning ducts, but they are a kind of a last resort. Usually the pressure washers are used for very deep duct cleaning sessions, when someone just moves in to an apartment or office, which hasn't been used for a long time for instance. In these cases, the contaminants are usually already in the air, and the whole place must be treated and decontaminated. Floods and other natural disasters are also a reason to use pressure washers to clean your ducts. Except for the big commercial pressure washers, there are also small pressure cleaning machines, which can be used on a regular basis even by regular home owners. They are an investment, which will pay off quickly.

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