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High School Resume Examples and Writing Tips

Writing your resume should be easy, quite easy actually. Sadly, that isn't the case for most people.
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"Your" resume is all about "you" presenting "your" skills to a potential employer. It's all about you! The twist lies on the part of the employer. Yes, you may have the most decorated CV in terms of achievement and qualifications, but if they don't match up with what the employer seeks, then you'll end unsuccessful in your application. This is the part that most individuals get wrong and end up missing out on job opportunities.

It's already a challenge for people with the necessary information for a resume to write it up, now imagine a high school student having to write up a CV. It may seem like a difficult task for some while others may take it a bit too lightly. Both of these scenarios can lead to you not getting the job and can be avoided, of course, with the right preparation and tools. Here are a couple of tips with examples of resumes to assist any high school student to write their own. 

1.    Sell Yourself

As earlier stated, your resume is about you. Don't sell yourself short. Appeal to the needs of the employer. There are a number of ways to simply do this. For example, thoroughly reading the employment opportunity advert put out by the prospective employer. This will guide through what the employer seeks; what your duties will be and the requirements. It basically tells you everything the recruiters are searching for. Second is the language and tone of your resume. Each job market had its own language and resume format. Some are formal while others are more focused on the creativity level of individuals, and will, therefore, be portraying that.

As a high school student, chances are you'll have a challenge selling yourself because of the lack of experience. But, don’t frown. You can work around this problem! It's quite simple, check out these examples:

  • Knowledgeable in online marketing, blogging, and social media
  • Ability to repackage facts to more interesting material
  • Familiar with Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook and BlogSpot.

This is an opportunity for the student to highlight some of the skills that they possess from experience regardless of securing a job.


2.    Identification

It's very crucial to let your readers know who you are. This is applicable to all resumes. You simply do this by including your contact information on your CV. Make sure that this is at the top of your resume. The information that will be contained will include your name, physical address, email address, and phone number.

  • Name - Let your name stand out from the rest of the contact information. It will be the first piece of information on this section.
  • Email address - Make your email address formal. You could use your name. Just ensure that it portrays the seriousness needed.

Here's an example:

Norman Roberts

1300 S.  Magnolia St.

Orlando, Florida 96147

(220) 326-4238

[email protected]


Note: There are times when employers will specify exactly what contact information they require you to include.


3.    Education

Among the most crucial sections of any resume is the education section. Being a high school student, this section will be rather brief. It's basically letting your readers know your academic qualifications. You also have the option of including courses and projects that you participated in which have a direct impact on your application. Remember to also include the years.


Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Year: Senior

The date you expect to graduate: 20 May 2018


Communication skills, Research, Practical math.


4.    Formatting

This is an important aspect in all types and categories of writing. Formatting your resume is what will refine it to high standards. Most resumes are formal and will, therefore, dictate the use of the same font type and size, short (not too wordy), and be an interesting document that will catch the attention of your readers. It's necessary to ensure that your resume has all the relevant sections.

Proofreading is another factor that requires to be fulfilled. You'll have to check on your grammar, language, organization - the flow of your resume and so on. Proofreading is one step that every writer must not skip. You have to read through your work after you’re done and you can proofread any number of times that will make you satisfied.

If you’re determined to do a great job and are willing to learn more or get some assistance in resume writing you have numerous online writing platforms. The cost of using services from these platforms vary. The great news being you can negotiate for the cost of accessing these services. You can order essay cheaper, or even receive resume writing services cheaply.


5.    References

Having referees is a smart way of making your potential employers get to know you more. They do an excellent job of building the confidence of recruiters in you. Adding referees is quite simple, all you need is to get their name and relevant contact information, and include it at the bottom of the CV.

Check out this example:

Dr. Sarah Layton

1300 Park Drive

Chicago, Illinois 30056


[email protected]


Note: Before adding a referee, seek their consent first.



Resume writing for most individuals is a bit of a challenge. However, this shouldn't be the case. It’s easy once you master all or some of the tips provided. You can access more resources that can assist with writing your CV online.

As a high school student, you feel even more challenged when working on your resume. The particular lack of experience is what stands out, though you have the capacity to convert your CV to one that gets you that job. One way to do so is by closely working with the tips provided. An excellent resume caters for the needs of both the recruiters and the owner of the resume. It will be about you highlighting your strong points but they must be a match to what the employer seeks. Remember the 6 seconds rule - You have that short time to get the attention of your readers. Ensure that you are precise and direct!

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