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The Reasons Why I Like Sleeping With Older Women

Why mature women are better
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The Reasons Why I Like Sleeping With Older Women written for Perth Gigolo

I realized that having sex with an older woman really feels good. One you get used to sex with older and mature women, you will note the difference in sex with a girl of your age since there is a very big difference. Here are some reasons that I discovered after dating and older woman and you will conquer with me that they are sexually superior.

Older women aren’t afraid

When am talking of been afraid I mean that they are always willing to share their sex desires whether it’s in the bar or any other place. They will openly indicate what they need without beating around the bush, she definitely play games around with you, a good thing I discovered is that they are not afraid of losing the man after expressing their feelings.


After tasting a good number of mature women I realized that they have great confidence in their bodies as well as sexual prowess unlike young girls who are just practicing new styles, and you will find that they are comfortable at all when talking dirt in bed. Old women are vigorous active and comfortable being naked. And they enjoy every moment in that bed and at times they will demand more than you can imagine.

Important of sex in relationship

You should work it out this way, old women of 40-50 who had been in marriage for years, believe me they will take you to bed spend their time entertaining you because they understand the essence of sex, I at no point where they using sex as a bargaining chip, or trying to get materialistic thing, or being money minded. I really love doing it with them because they fulfill both psychological and physical need.

Numbers game

The higher the number of your age the more you are experienced. The old women were once girls and they may be have encountered sex with a number of partners. This to some point gave them a good start in their sex life. The good thing I like about them as I mentioned to you is that they are willing to run more and even practice new styles; they do this to ensure that they fulfill all your needs.

Mature women know what they want

You will agree with me that self awareness comes from those years of experience and communicating with their sexual partner. Am always amazed since they will always try different position, technique and fetishes. They self-pleasured themselves for a couple of many years that why I feel fantastic with them. For instance if a girl don’t know what she wants it’s also hard for the man to figure out.

I can’t help it out these women really know which position to use in order to turn you on. They will ask you a number of questions and then they figure them out into what can make you roar like the king of lion. The good bit of it is that I have encountered them researching for what they don’t know in books, movies, magazines, internet and any other resourceful material.

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