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Social networking tools useful in informal learning

In this modern Era of Information Technology many organizations and businesses are using Social Networking Tools for informal learning.
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This is a modern era of skilled and knowledgeable workforce. The organization spends a portion of their budget to train and deliver adequate knowledge to the workers. A more knowledgeable and skilled worker are more profitable to organization.

In earlier days Informal Way of learning was transferring knowledge from generations to generations.

Some of the informal learning techniques are:

  • Learning from other colleagues.
  • Questioning senior worker.
  • Self-Experimenting new techniques.
  • Conducting their research in order to work successfully.

With the advancement in technology and use of internet people have started using social networking tools to gain informal knowledge.

Some of these Social Networking tools are:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking tool which connects the peers and professionals. They share professional valuable learning techniques which are more beneficial than listening to a lecture in a seminar.

  • Google Talk and Messengers:

Asking questions on social Media Networking tools like Google talk, Skype and Yahoo Messenger have proved to be more beneficial than professional mailing, as they can provide a faster response to worker’s queries and issues. It is more effective then conducting a phone call to a senior supervisor.

  • You Tube:

Visual Learning is one of the best methods of learning. The employers can build short video regarding work-related scenarios and share them on Your Tube for workers to learn and access them.

  • Facebook:

Large number of world’s population is using Facebook which makes it an exceptional social networking tool for informal learning. Organizing a Facebook group of workers in which a debate and discussion can be held on various work related topics.

  • Twitters:

This is another very useful social media networking tool which give an instant feedback and updates on professional events. Organization can use this platform to give an updated commentary on corporate essential initiatives. Tweets from Experts will attract large number of new comers who will gain informal learning in the best possible way.

  • Blogs:

In older days when an organization released a new product a meeting was held to inform the employees about its features. But today Blogs serve as an important social networking tool which can deliver all essential information regarding a product to the employees and new comers. They can also be used to create discussions among people who can give valuable comments and feedbacks about the product.

How to make the best use of Social Networking Tools?

Certain policies need to be established in order to use social networking tools successfully within an organization. These policies are:

  • Expertise:

One should understand the fact that it is extremely difficult to validate the information provided on social media.

  • Standardization:

The organization must introduce certain standard for their social networking tools.

  • Security:

The security of company information should be kept in mind if public social networking tool is being made available to employees.

  • Oversight:

Trusting the employees will not misuse the social learning tools.

Hence Social networking tools have been proved to be useful for informal learning of employees in an organization.

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