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The Best Opportunity To Introduce Digital Printing

The Best Opportunity To Introduce Digital Printing
Views: 409 Created 08/15/2017

With the diversification of market demand, the owner of the brand creativity is more and more strong, label products are gradually tend to be more varieties, personalization, small batches, and security needs more and more intense.  At present, Label printing enterprise have the common issue: low output, low utilization rate of equipment, operating cost increase every year, raw material and energy consumption serious, environmental pressure etc. How to keep steady and fast growth is most important in label industry. For that reason, Label printing companies pay more attention to digital printing.  In 2016, as one of the major supplier Epson introduced to the Chinese market SurePress L-6034VW digital label printing machine and  SurePress L-4033A/AW digital inkjet label printing machine.  These two machines are in excellent quality, good reliability, high flexibility.  No matter a new label printing business, or plans to expand production scale, you can obtain a new experience.


The timing for Label printing enterprise introduction of digital printing equipment, I think mainly depends on the following three considerations, the factor of mature, is the best time to buy digital printing equipment.


The first factor is the demand of printing factory itself.  At present, 60% of the printers on the market just printing plant, there is no high value-added service(such as design, logistics control etc.), relative to the foreign printing factory one-stop service, appear very passive, this is one off the biggest difference between printing factory at home and abroad.


The second factor, which is the most important factor, it is whether to change the role in the market? Be a low-end printing factory?  Or to change the market role base on the end customers application request?


The third factor is: “can afford to buy, likely to use, use well”. In other words, on the premise of understanding printing factory own needs first to “affordable” devices, which have enough working capital; Second after the purchase of equipment to be “used up”, that is to combine the actual situation of enterprise services make their seal device is used, play value and not put on hold.  Finally, “good use” equipment, which is to consider whether the purchase of equipment for the healthy development of the enterprise in the future can play a role.


In 2016, when a lot of digital printing label printing enterprise boss investment still is a state of confusion with the quality and capacity of the rigid requirements, but can’t afford to use of the equipment.  This would require the label printing companies improve the added value of each tag, that provides “information” TAB, let the label on the product user and product suppliers to establish a link between early for the arrival of the era of “internet of things” to prepare.  In addition, the label printing companies also can expand its scope of services, their own market role, from “manufacturer” to “service vendors” , the refinement of its own core competitiveness.  Abroad a wine label printers, for example, in addition to printing label, also provides services, such as filling, cork, glass bottle, in the process of the one-stop services, label printing is just a part of, so as to greatly improve the label of added value.  I expect Chinese label printing enterprises can expand ideas, enhancing the added value of the label itself on the one hand, on the other hand extended service scope, not only to communicate with the brands of upstream, also want to communicate with the downstream consumer, let the label value.


At present, the digital printing is gradually eroding traditional label printing market, the entire label printing industry is in the reshuffle of the stage.  Therefore, the printing enterprise which has the forward thinking can timely grasp the market development opportunity, planning in advance and change the market role in time, will stand out in the myriad enterprise, to win a blue ocean.

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