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4 Benefits of Using Wireless Digital Hearing Aids

This article highlights some of the important benefits of getting wireless digital hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity feature.
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The rapid advancements in the knowledge of sound transmission and hearing technology have led to the invention of many innovative electronic devices like the modern day digital hearing aids. The manufacturing of hearing aids on a large scale came as a boon for people with hearing loss and brought about dynamic changes in the life of those people. Gone are the days when hearing aids used to be large, bulky, noisy and whistling.  The advancements in technology led to various modifications in hearing aids that resulted in the device being smaller, lightweight, and energy-efficient and equipped with many advanced features.
What make a modern digital hearing aid so popular are its advanced features that add to its versatility and enhance comfort of users. These hearing aids, like a sophisticated mini-laptop, manipulate the sound of various frequencies and augment them for clear listening for the users.
Some innovative hearing aids come with the wireless connectivity feature that allows them to connect easily with other Bluetooth devices like smart phones, digital radio, music players, tablets, televisions, and personal stereos through a wireless streaming device. You can connect such Bluetooth hearing aids with other Bluetooth enabled devices; directly to an iPhone or with other devices like your mobile or music players by a compatible wireless streamer.

Using hearing aids equipped with wireless connectivity feature along with a streamer will provide you a host of benefits as enumerated below:-

1. Facilitates to get the best listening experience as per your preferences
The advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, directional microphones, noise reduction, feedback cancellation and others enhance the sound quality and allow users to change the settings as per their desire and the environment. This helps users get the personalised listening experience.
2. Allows you to control your hearing aids from a remote location
The Bluetooth technology can help you control and change the settings of your hearing aids from a distance by the streamer. If your hearing aids are small in size that does not have external controls then you can change the volume or program from the streamer. Now you can use your iPhone as a streamer that will help you change the volume and program settings as per your requirements.
3. You can connect hearing aids with multiple devices
You can pair your streamer with multiple devices such as mobile, tablet or stereo and that will facilitate you switch between various devices to get personalised listening experience. You can enjoy listening to your favourite music from your tablet and in the case of an incoming phone call receive the audio signal as well.

4. You get secure wireless connection with no interference
Regardless of the brand and model of hearing aid, Bluetooth technology works in the same way maintaining the best security protocol. With wireless hearing aids, you can stay connected to your family and friends and your audio devices in a carefree way.

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