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Starting a Lighter Accessories Collection

Lighter accessories are not just carried by people who smoke, but have come to be a popular collector's item. Antique or vintage lighters are highly valued by collectors.
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Lighters have come a long way over the past few centuries with changes in technology. Earlier lighters were made using gunpowder, and with vast advancements in technology they have evolved to the modern lighters we see today. Vintage lighters, antique lighters and lighter accessories are valued by collectors, who want to add new and unique pieces to their collections every opportunity they get.

Different Types Of Lighters You Can Collect
Olden age lighters and lighter accessories can be either considered to be antique lighters or vintage lighters, based on how old they are or how rare it is to come across one of their kind. The more unique characteristics a lighter has, the higher is its value in the collector's market. There are many different kinds of lighters that used to exist in the olden years based on their design and the era in which they were commonly used. Here is a list of the most popular types of lighters that are valued by collectors all over the world.

Dobereiner's Lamp
This is on of the first lighters to be invented and was present in the early 1800s. It was invented by a German chemist called Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner and was called Dobereiner's lamp. They were usually large in size and quite bulky. They were quite dangerous to use as they contained chemicals like zinc, sulfuric acid, hydrogen gas and platinum and produced a great amount of heat. Dobereiner's lamps can be a valuable addition to your collection of lighters and lighter accessories.

Flint Lighters
The next type of lighters to come into existence were the flint lighters. They were fashioned in the early 1900s and were commonly called cigarette lighters. They were immensely popular among the menfolk due to new technology that allowed them to be compact in size and fit easily in men's lighter accessories. These lighters came in a variety of sizes, as small as those that could be easily carried in a man's pocket or a woman's purse, and as big as those that could be displayed on a table or desk. Flint lighters are attractive in design and are the most common type of vintage lighters in any collection of lighters and lighter accessories.

Butane Lighters
Butane lighters are much like the lighters we use today, and arrived on the scene after World War II, during the 1930s to 1940s. The flame of a butane lighter is easy to handle and it produces much less odor or smoke as compared to the flint lighters. They are the most common lighters that are found today and come with many customizable lighter accessories.

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