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Young Angels : Forging a Strong Bond between Parents and Kids

Young Angels believes in getting parents involved in children’s learning and reading habits. Having books
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Young Angels believes in getting parents involved in children’s learning and reading habits. Having books at home and reading along is very crucial to creating and sustaining in a child several foundational skills as well as instilling in the child a love for reading for a lifetime Team Young Angels believes that books establish a strong connection between parents and kids. Hence we work tirelessly to encourage and strengthen this special bond in order to create a culture of reading in our quick-changing world.


“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” —Kate DiCamillo

Aimed at stimulating the young minds, Young Angels publishes an educational magazine for children named Empowering Life Skills. This beautifully designed monthly magazine is meant for those young readers who want to be entertained and are at the same time also eager to learn something brand new and thrilling. What is special about Empowering Life Skills magazine is that it is a perfect blend between what the kids want to read and what their parents and teachers want them to read.

Empowering Life Skills magazine caters to various age groups, covers a variety of topics and aims at making learning fun and rewarding. Each issue of this magazine published by Young Angels covers a variety of subjects and is designed to get kids excited about the enthralling world around them. This magazine is a great way to get kids interested in reading. Empowering Life Skills magazine opens the door for reading even for the most hesitant readers. It also provides a way for kids to relax at home, forget about school stress and spend their spare time productively. It also ingrains in them a love for reading for pleasure right from a young age.

Each issue is filled with stories, activities, riddles, puzzles, art and craft and subject based worksheets that are supported by beautiful illustrations and vibrant presentation that immediately captures the attention of the young readers and arouses their interests. Empowering Life Skills magazine opens up a fascinating world of knowledge and discovery for the young reader. Whether the reader wants to know about the water animals or robots, there is something for everyone here. Empowering Life Skills magazine’s impressive array of informative, instructive and exciting features like fun facts, vivid illustrations , puzzles and brainteasers is what makes our magazine unique and interesting for young readers who are eager and curious to learn something new. Activities based on Logical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence and Personal and Interpersonal Intelligence ensure a holistic development of the young reader’s critical and creative faculties. Our monthly magazine helps develop vocabulary and reading skills, build knowledge, inculcate good reading habits and boost creativity and critical thinking of our young readers’.

Our educational magazine aims to stretch our young readers’ critical skills as well as instill in them a life-long love for reading and seeking knowledge. Empowering Life Skills magazine is a perfect answer to the unceasing curiosity of young minds. Apart from that, the excitement of flipping through a fresh magazine is a wonderful experience for the kids.


"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” -Emilie Buchwald

Parent Teacher Meeting allows the parents and teachers to discuss the progress of a child. To this important day at various prestigious schools in Delhi NCR, Young Angels’ is known to add another important aspect and that is our display of our interesting and unique reading material and activity books for children. This day helps to connect both the young and the adults with books. We understand that in addition to teachers, parents too play a very crucial role in developing reading skills in their kids. Our team’s interactions with the parents chiefly revolve around the best way to develop a child’s interest in reading at home. We strongly endorse the idea of parents developing their child’s interest in reading for pleasure by reading along with them. We also discuss with the parents the idea of leading by example wherein when the kids see their parents reading books daily they are more likely to develop the same habit. Ideas for creating and supporting a reading culture at home and in the school community are also discussed with teachers, parents and students. New ideas are exchanged and new styles of literature are introduced during such events organized by Young Angels.

We are in the 21st century now and our kids inhabit a world of cell phones, televisions and internet and the upsurge in electronic media has brought a slump in the reading habit of our children. Now is the right time to develop the reading skill among our children and Young Angels is dedicated to that. Our interaction with parents is a small step towards building love and respect for reading among our future generations. Our main objective is to get the students excited about reading and draw the attention of teachers and parents towards the pressing need for creating a culture of old -fashioned reading in this fast-paced age of technology.

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