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Big Games: Bets on DOTA / DOTA 2

DOTA is a team multiplayer computer game, the successor to the popular modification of Warcraft III "Defense of the Ancients" (DOTA).
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DOTA is a team multiplayer computer game, the successor to the popular modification of Warcraft III "Defense of the Ancients" (DOTA). For a player in DOTA, it all starts with a perennial question: the dark side or the bright side?

Passing the torment of the crisis of self-identification, 5 players stand on the bright side of The Radiant, and the other five (forever!) Chooses the darkness - The Dire. The battle of Good with Evil, of course, can not be avoided, while the main goal of the game is to destroy the main building on an enemy base.

If you are already impatient to plunge into the world of professional competitions at http://dotabetz.com/players/ in DOTA or just make bets and see how it all works, specially for you we prepared 5 tips for beginners.

TIP 1: Study the formats of battles for that

Learn the formats of battles in order to understand which one is the most convenient for betting. The level of risk depends on the format in which the battle takes place, and, accordingly, the coefficient.

  • BO1: Game to 1 victory. Play-off. This format of battles is extremely unpredictable, to predict the result is more difficult than it seems. Logically, each time a stronger team must win, but a weaker team can win, especially if it has a good start. The betting game with BO1 is associated with a high risk - the probability of quickly earning about as much as losing everything.
  • BO3: The game is up to 3 wins. This format is ideal for those who do not like to take risks. The probability that the leader will lose more than 2 games is low enough, so the main thing here is to have information about the teams. Complexities arise when there are rivals of the same level, but the more interesting it is.
  • BO5: The game is up to 5 wins. In this format, only the final of the tournament is held. When the strongest teams compete, the winner is hard to guess. But if one of the teams is an obvious favorite, the chances that she will lose more than 4 games are very small. So, it's low-risk betting.

TIP 2: Know who to put

Before you make bets, be sure to study the participants in the battle. Statistics, composition, trophies and team achievements - all this is available on specialized sites and forums.
All teams can be divided into the following categories:

Explicit favorites. A team whose rival is objectively weaker or lower than the class. To make bets on winning obvious favorites is usually unprofitable, since the winning ratio in this case is low and the potential profit may not cover the risk of defeat.
Unknown commands. When a known team meets with an unknown, the chances of winning are usually distributed as 80/20. Bidding on an unknown team is extremely risky.

Fans of fans. Such teams are gaining popularity due to high-profile wins or thanks to the presence of a "star" player in the team. The audience expects success from them even when the team is not in the best shape.

TIP 3: Be in the topic

It is extremely useful to know not only the general status of the participants in the battle, but also a little "domestic cuisine". The result and stability of the team can be influenced, for example, by the following factors:

The presence in the team of new players, with whom the rest still need to "play";
Lack of practice;
A new patch, the appearance of which can change the structure (and the entire strategy) of the team game, as it requires a period of adaptation.

TIP 4: Choose a bookmaker

After you decide on the outcome of a battle, you are ready to place a bet, do not forget to check out the rulers on various bookmaking sites and sites. The same victory in different offices can bring different profits.

TIP 5: Count the money

Remember that financial resources are not self-renewable. Regardless of whether you play risky or only make safe bets - you have decided on the amount that you are ready to invest, and work with it without resorting to additional funds.

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