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How to photograph flowers?

You can not shoot the flower from above More precisely, you can, but the pictures are often ugly. Although there are good photos if the composition is thought out. When we str...
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  • You can not shoot the flower from above

More precisely, you can, but the pictures are often ugly. Although there are good photos if the composition is thought out. When we stroll through the garden or some field among the plants, we usually observe them from the top down - this is the usual angle that looks on the images as banal as the photos of the children from above. It is worth a little sit-down, and even better lie on the ground - the picture will acquire a completely different ideological shades.

The viewer begins to see an unusual approach in your work. And even a single flower, which used to be an ordinary donor of pollen for bees, appears in a different light - in photography, it begins to live the life you did not pay any attention to before.

Always try to remove at least the level of the bud.

Tulips and poppies, for example, can be photographed from the ground. I mean in the image you can see the angle from the bottom. This rule does not fit all colors, but the above looks great.

After all, it is not necessary to use only lenses for shooting portraits or macro-rings. Zoom also has its advantages:

  1. Inflorescence can be approached as you need. It will be good to look at the picture, on which the bouquet will fill almost the entire frame.

  2. In doing so, you can easily make the background blurry, focusing on the core of the plant. To do this, you need to open the aperture of the lens to the maximum.

It is desirable to leave in focus only one flower or inflorescence, in which the buds are located at a small distance from each other. Thus, we get the only main subject of photography, to which the viewer immediately pays attention.
Before photographing flowers, it is advisable to purchase knee pads - a useful thing. Or put on something that will not be a pity to stain.

  • Macro photography

I am sure that most of you have ever looked for sample pictures of bouquets on the Internet in order to repeat them yourself and wondered how professionals make such stunning close-ups. It's all a matter, as you've already guessed, in macro-lenses. It is with the help of these devices that you can get a one-to-one photo.

At the same time, it is not easy to shoot them, since the depth of field is very small. Therefore, even the slightest vibrations of the camera can lubricate the entire image. In order to avoid this, put the camera on a tripod! Yes, this is a prerequisite when shooting with a macro lens. By the way, if you do not want to buy a whole lens for the sake of macro photography, then there is an exit - get the so-called macro-rings.

They are much cheaper, and the effect is almost the same. And the pluses are full: it takes a little space in the baggage (the bag of the photographer), has a small weight, easily winds up on the lens like a normal filter. More about macrolenses I'll write in the next articles, so please, subscribe to updates!

Also in many cameras there is a good mode called "Macro" (you can read about all the stories here). If you do not have an SLR camera, do not worry - even on a compact camera, you can make chic shots of colors. If you add an HDR effect to the photo, you can get a good stock photo.

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