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Kong – Dog Toys for All Ages

Like many companies in the pet product market Kong too, was inspired by a pet. The founder of Kong, J.
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Like many companies in the pet product marketKong too, was inspired by a pet. The founder of Kong, Joe Markham had a retired police dog called Fritz. Joe loved Fritz but needed to figure how to get him to stop chewing everything. Besides chewing on shoes, bags and things he could fund at home, Fritz also enjoyed chewing on stick and rocks, which would be extremely harmful if ingested.

One day, Joe was repairing an old VW and began tossing things out to distract Fritz from picking up rocks. When he threw out the rubber suspension, Fritz immediately picked it up and nudged Joe to play with it. Joe looked at the tough rubber and unpredictable bounce and thought up an idea for a good toy and this was how the first Kong toys was born.


Since then, Kong has been using their own formula for rubber to make the Kong toys that are pet safe, have a fun, erratic bounce to keep toys engaged and above all else, are highly durable.

Kong’s Commitment

The folks at Kong have taken the time to understand what dogs love and made their products to suit these. Besides aiming to provide products of the highest quality, they also ensure that dogs have a variety of products available. This is because dogs can get bored of the same toy and do enjoy the luxury of choice. Kong products are made from the special Kong Rubber that is made to last. They also make safety a priority so that you and your pets don’t have to worry about what they are chewing on.

Toys by Age

Kong produces a wide variety of toys for pets of all ages this is because at different stages in their lives, pets have different needs of their toys. For instance, a teething puppy will be big on chewable toys while a senior pet may enjoy interactive toys better. Below is a classification of Kong’s toys based on age.

7 to 12 Weeks

Pups of this age have not really been exposed to many things in the world. They need to be introduced to people, situations and places carefully to encourage them to be comfortable throughout. This is also a good time to be bonding with your pet and what better way to do it than by engaging in regular games?

Kong toys for puppies include the Kong Puppy Rubber toys, Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat and Stuff’N Puppy Snacks are great for pups. If they want a squeaky toy, the Puppy Wubba toys is great for tug and fetch games. The Kong Plush toy us another favourite thanks to its snuggle-ready quality.


3 to 9 Months

The most notable part of this stage is that your pet is teething. This means that your pet will be keen on chewing anything he or she can lay his or her little teeth on. This is where Kong dog chew toys come into play. Providing them, with toys like the Kong Puppy rubber toy, the Put Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat, the Puppy Goodie Bone and the Puppy Flyer are perfect ways to alleviate their teething troubles.

9 months to 1 Year

Dogs of this age can get bored easily and they can also form anxieties. Chewing and puzzle toys help in both these cases. Their teeth will also be stronger at this stage, so the durability of the toys should also go up. Consider getting the Kong Classic or Extreme (one of the most popular Kong toy for dogs), the Stuff’N Snacks and Treats will keep them occupied for a while and AirDog Squeakair Balls are perfect for an interactive game. For fetching or tugging, try the Kong Wubba.

1 Year – 7 Years

You can engage your pet in a number of ways during this stage. While the bulk of your training should be done, remember that training needs to be reinforced throughout their lives. Fun toys for this time is the Kong Extreme, for those dogs who love water play, the Kong Aqua is ideal. The Kong Wobbler and the Kong Classic Flyer are other popular toys. Other Kong dog treats include the Tugger Knots which are great for chasing, fetching and for tugging.

7 Years and Above

Despite ageing, pets still love to play. But you may need to alter the games slightly to ensure that they are senior pet friendly. They may not be able exert themselves as much as they used to. The senior range of dog Kong toys include the Kong Senior (made from softer rubber), the Stuff’N Senior Easy Treat, the Stuff’N Senior Snacks and the Kong Snugga Wubba. 

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