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Dota 2 Major And Minor Tournaments

Ask anybody to tell you about the most successful video games, and they will tell you it is Dota 2. However, there are two major types of tournaments in this regard.
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However, there are two major types of tournaments in this regard. They are the major tournaments and the minor tournaments. These of course are classified according to the prize money involved, the expected audience, and many other indices. However, something significant just happened. Valve, the owner of Dota 2 and the overseer of the tournaments decided to introduce a new aspect called the ‘maynors’. This seems like something lower than the majors and the minors. Each of the tournaments will have their prize money determined by the status given to it. So the ‘maynors’ will get something lower than what the minors and majors normally gets.

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However, before Valve will support the organizers of such tournaments, they must involve a qualifying series. Here, teams from the CIS, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, South America and North America must be involved. So, one team from each of the qualification series must be involved in the LAN-finals. This level of transparency is to ensure that teams can pre-schedule the schedule.

In the new arrangement, the teams that are placed at the topmost level will focus on the events designated as majors. The teams within the middle cadre of the peasant level will decide to do the majors or the minors, while the lowest teams will go for the maynors. Meanwhile, you can compare Dota 2 Odds on this site.

A look at the tournaments and their classification reveals that the spring ‘Epicenter’ is a major tournament, while ‘Perfect World’ will have two major and two minor tournaments. The ‘PGL,’ which is the host of the Kiev Major 2017, is given a maynor and two majors. ‘DreamHack’ will host two major tournaments, while ‘StarLadder’ will host a minor tournament. ‘GESC organization’ from Singapore will be allowed to host four maynors too.

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